Everett’s Snake Pit

By Stephen Pinto

Call it what you will. Snake pit or rat hole. Everett politics and its politicians are comfortable right at home in their nest.

Everett politics are dirtier than a reused hypodermic needle.

The bold faced corruption and how they protect each other is disgusting.

If you’re a politician in Everett then you automatically can’t be trusted to do the peoples’ business.

Everett politicians do their own business or do as the mayor tells them to do.

Everett politics tarnishes everything it comes in contact with. It corrupts and rots the soul.

Someone needs to completely dismantle city hall and it’s cast of backward, scared, incompetent and downright stupid politicians.

They should all resign. Hopefully they are better at shuffle board or basket weaving.

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Veterans Day 2022

By Josh Resnek

I wish I could have known Alexander Santilli.

He grew up in Everett during the Great Depression.

He graduated from Everett High School where he was a star football player.

He went on to Fordham University in New York where he was not just an athlete who won Fordham a Sugar Bowl contest with outstanding play, but a leader of the team.

Santilli was all about loyalty, strength and honor. What a remarkable human being he must have been.

His bravery above all, and the sacrifice he made in the name of his city and nation, rings true today, more than 80 years after his death on the battlefield.

And to think he came out of this city where he walked the same streets you do and where he was proud to come from and to be a part of.

The closeness of being from so crowded a place he grew up in here, he took with him to college.

He was well liked wherever he walked.

He was no one to trifle with.

In 1942, he signed his life away to the US Marine Corps. He became a Lt.

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Why does the city refuse to bring justice to an Everett woman allegedly raped by a firefighter?

By Wendy Poste

Every woman in this city should demand justice as I am demanding justice after being raped by a former Everett firefighter who was a convicted sex offender and who was given an award for his service by the EFD.

He served for years and years and everyone in a position of power here knew this and did nothing and have continued to do nothing.

The city of Everett and its entire leadership allowed a firefighter who was convicted of Indecent Assault and Battery of a child under the age of 14, placed on probation for 3 years and a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER FOR LIFE continue working in a position of trust thus distracting the rest of the firefighters who are focused on protecting our City is heinous!

This evil person was sent to his car more than once during his years to “distract him from his urges”! Had this been dealt with swiftly and fairly in 1997, it would have saved me from living a nightmare. This firefighter drugged and raped me, and I had no idea at all that he was a monster! I have nightmares regularly, and there are days that my PTSD takes over and I am unable to function……. all because City Government chose to ignore the facts presented to them. Two police chiefs, two fire chiefs and four mayors chose to ignore this situation. Shame on the entire City! Will you choose to ignore my plea, too?

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Underneath Everett’s Scab You’ll Find A Lot Of Pus

By Stephen Pinto


Alleged Sexual Assaults.

Discrimination against women.

Back room deals.

Rampant crime.

Noise pollution. Logan airport and city construction.

Rats in the streets.

Seriously overcrowded schools. Already fifteen years behind building a new school. Favoritism of vendors and city contracts. Abuse of residents at Glendale Towers. Incoherent people loitering in Everett Square.

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Questions & Observations

By Walter Rice

Does the City Council have a rule that allows the body to “censor” a member (for misconduct? etc,)?

If so, why has it not been used or mentioned?.

Why have the residents not petitioned (or direct action taken by a council member) to sponsor a resolution calling for the Mayor’s resignation?

Is it possible a group of concerned citizens (or a state level regulated body) go into court and seek a temporary injunction against the city of Everett to stop any further building or permitting (at the local level) until such time as (at least some) the myriad of legal questions are cleared up?

Is it not patently obvious that during the public comments portion of City Council meetings that residents are being patronized and no resolutions or fee back? Since such time as the residents pushed for and obtained their rights to be heard at Council meetings during “public participation” in the meetings I have witnessed (which are many, and online) not once….. not once, has a person received feedback or much less, answers, to questions, complaints, concerns or claims. Not once. Which brings me to the next question:

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