Carlo’s Deception

By Stephen Pinto

Unfortunately, the majority of the city council rolled over and played dead Monday night.

They gave numerous excuses as to why they couldn’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t vote to repeal the mayor’s outrageous longevity payment (bonus) of $40,000 each year.

All their speeches about how they represent the taxpayers, are only speeches.

The argument to rescind this abuse of longevity pay for the mayor couldn’t have been more clear.

A child could understand the language. But not our city council.

The council thumbed their nose to all taxpayers.

They pretended they couldn’t understand the language in the ordinance.

How convenient.

The council could have repealed it and then let the new council address the issue of longevity.

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The Monster inside the corner office has got to go

SEPTEMBER 12: Early voting at City Hall sign on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

By Steve Pinto

Let’s face it, many politicians’ popularity is built on handing out jobs to friends and family. Handing out jobs is the equivalent of securing lifetime votes. Inventing job titles, as Carlo DeMari has done, in order to employ more friends and family and hand out higher wages is what makes him tick.

Appointing friends and family to commissions and boards without an interest in their qualifications, awarding no-bid contracts to favored contractors and developers in return for benefits, and cozying up to the unions and everyone else when you care nothing for them is what this mayor is all about.

When we allow a politician to become too powerful that’s when arrogance sets in.

The abuse of power begins. And things begin to get very dirty very quickly.
Now that the DeMaria monster has been created. It’s difficult to destroy it.

But nothing is impossible.

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Mayor’s wife calls Sal Sachetta a bitter old man


Stacy,I am a bitter old man (91 years old) and I blame your vindictive husband.

This is what he did to me for his greed !!!

He asked me many times to approve his pay raise, even coming to my home and clasping his hand together as if to be praying, begging for me to approve his pay raise!!!

I told him I would approve his pay raise once we received the money from the Casino.

He then asked me to come to his office, again asking for me to approve his pay raise, again.

I gave him the same answer.

He had two of his appointees in his office at the time and asked for them to leave so that we would be alone.

He then said to me that if I did not vote for his pay raise he would back up my opponent ( Mike McLaughlin ) and even support him with money.

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We Must Protect Our Neighborhoods Not Developer Profits

Growth and development are good for a community. However, growth and development should be implemented in a controlled manner, after careful planning, to ensure that it is truly beneficial to the community. If you look around our city you see two and three family properties converted into six and eight-plus unit structures. You see buildings being constructed in neighborhoods that tower over the surrounding properties. An even closer look reveals that some of these developers have multiple projects in our city. These large-scale buildings do not blend with their surroundings, and impair or completely block sunlight from reaching smaller structures.

It is imperative that we protect the integrity of our neighborhoods. We cannot continue to build excessively on every square inch of space. The current unlimited expansion is overburdening our city’s infrastructure, causing overcrowding and resulting in unnecessary congestion. Additionally, this uncontrolled growth further frustrates our city’s overloaded school system.

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Where does all the money go?

Words like Transparency and Accountability are thrown around daily by public officials. However, transparency and accountability in government are often very difficult to find.

One common question I am asked is: “Where does all the money go?” It is well-known that I take my responsibility for fiscal oversight very seriously as a city councilor. As one of four boys raised in a single-parent household, I understand the need to allocate limited resources in a prudent and responsible manner. Throughout my tenure in elected office, I have gone over every annual budget, line-by-line, and consistently ask questions regarding funding requests. This is to ensure that what is requested truly benefits all our residents and not just a select few individuals. When I served on the Ways and Means Committee, I reviewed every single bill paid by the city. It was a real eye-opening experience. Every resident should have that same opportunity. As your councilor, I have requested more transparency as to how our city spends money. If elected Mayor, I will make all city expenditures accessible to the public, both online and in person. After all, it is your money. You deserve to know where your money is going and how it benefits you.

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