Kathleen “Kate” Donnelly; Giving back in a big way

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Marlene Zizza, Mary Fiorentino, Julie Giacchino, Michael Desmond, Anne Zellen, Tom Zellen, Mark Correia, Patricia Desmond, Mark Desmond, Claire Anderson and family with Library Trust- ees.

By Josh Resnek

The news reported last week that a former Everett woman left $400,000 to the Parlin and Shute Libraries was more than just another headline.

The benefactor, the late Kathleen Donnelly, was powered mostly by her intellect and her heart, and her uncanny ability to save and to invest during a long life devoted to family and friends.

She recently died inside her book lined, Manhattan cooperative apartment. She also owned a book lined summer home in Ogunquit, Maine.

Books and reading were a big part of her existence.

She was described as a woman of many talents and interests until the day she died by her family and friends who adored her.

Ms. Donnelly, a lifelong devout Catholic, was 86 when she died.

“Reading was her life,” said her brother-in-law Tom Zellin, a former Everett City Councilor now living on the North Shore.

Ms. Donnelly’s bequest to the Parlin and Shute Libraries totaling $400,000, handed over to the city last week, is the largest bequest left to the library system in the city’s modern history.

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The Parlin Library

One of the mayor’s lawyers is now running the Parlin Library. Assistant City Solicitor Matt Lattanzi recently held a public meeting noting all the legal changes he has made so the library will fall under the laws of the land perfectly.

The mayor has a mania for the library to run his way or no way. The mayor’s bottom line is to run the library as another city department rather than having a chief librarian who knows what he or she is doing to meet the protocol for running a public library in a city like ours.

Attorney Lattanzi is perfect as the mayor’s messenger. Running the library as another city department allows the may- or to hire more employees, or in the case of the library, another convicted felon to carry on library business here.

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Looking at the News

New Light Shed on Parlingate Library Controversy

By Josh Resnek

The Mayor, who has been quoted as saying he never saw a library he wanted to enter during four years at college, has come to take a commanding interest in the management, or mismanagement, of the city’s library system.

The system is utterly demoralized by the administrative changes ordered by the mayor that have been made in recent months, according to sources.

The facts of the matter have come to light about why Parlin Library officials stopped sending old city photographs and descriptions to the Leader Herald after we had been publishing the popular series for longer than a year.

In this dispute alone the seeds of the changes the library has undergone were planted.

It was the mayor’s doing entirely, the remaking of how the library system is run and the placement of a city lawyer without library experience or library training to run the system, according to sources who spoke with the Leader Herald.

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This & That

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By Josh Resnek

What a coincidence.

Or is it ironic?

No sooner had Parlin Chief Librarian Stacy DeBole been badgered into resigning by the administration, and the way the library is managed totally restructured, the mayor appointed Assistant City Solicitor Matt Lattanzi to head the library or to lead its reorganization or both.

We aren’t exactly sure what experience Lattanzi has with libraries but he is a lawyer and running a library is not like running NASA the space agency or the CIA.

On the other hand, everyone in the library needs to know what their duties are and how to manage their own responsibilities.

Lattanzi has apparently reorganized the place, spiffed up the rules and regulations, and brought the library into line with what exactly the mayor wants – which is another department for him to hire people into.

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Looking Inside the Casino

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By Josh Resnek

Eating lunch at the 8/10 on Tuesday I sat with a Wynn employee who’s been working the site for 22 months.

He’s a tradesman. A higher up type of employee overseeing many other tradesmen.

He said the place is in fact coming to completion fast.

He said the restaurants are nearly completed and that a Dunkin’ Donuts was going to open there, contrary to rumors that Kickback Carlo had succeeded in getting a Honey Dew Donuts concession in the casino for himself.

He said the gaming floors are complete. The slot machines are fully installed and ready to go.

The famous Popeye sculpture by Jeff Koons, which Steve Wynn paid $27 million, is not located at the entrance to the casino in the middle of the twin staircases as originally planned.

He said the sculpture will be located further inside the casino.

He said the hotel is done, that it was finished some weeks ago, that only smaller details are left to complete here and there.

This guy has no skin in the game.

He’s just an employee looking forward to being done and taking a vacation.

Parking will very likely be a disaster, he said.

The parking lots don’t have even a fraction of the spaces that are needed if the crowds arrive.

As I have written recently on several occasions, the question is not whether or not the casino will be crowded, rather, but how crowded it will be.

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