What Is Better Than Good Bread?

By Josh Resnek

Bread is one of the key building blocks of any meal, and yet we take bread for granted.

(Photo by Josh Resnek)

Not me.

I’m real fussy about the bread I eat.

Also, bread must have butter – but the proper butter bit is for another article.

I love bread. I love bread and butter.

I love crusty bread. Italian bread. French baguettes. Artisan breads. Breads hot out of the oven. Ciabatta. Olive bread. Sourdough. Rye. Raisin and on and on.

Bread almost stale but still eatable when nothing else is around is always a savior when scrounging for a nibble in a home empty of treats.

I don’t like to feel overwhelmed by the bread I eat.

I don’t care for wheat bread or multi grain breads.

I was brought up on white bread for better or worse.

I don’t devour big clumps of bread. It is simply too filling, makes me feel fat, and in fact, can cause difficulties related to putting on weight.

So here’s the deal.

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Treats I Love That Make Life Worth Living And Some Food Worth Eating

By Josh Resnek


The treats described in this article are not necessarily part of a healthy diet…but they sure do taste good, go down smoothly, and totally satisfy.

Let me begin with my new pas- sion – Pepperidge Farm Very Thin White Bread.

The slices of bread are so thin that eating two of them with butter and jam – well – there is no way to eat such a treat and get fat from eating it.

I hate thick bread, heavy bread, doughy bread and on and on.

If you share this distaste for bulky bread products then Pepperidge Farm White Very Thin is the way to go.

What do I put on toasted Very White Thin?

Irish butter – so good. And French raspberry preserves – so good it is impossible to do without, especially if you like raspberry.

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