Mayor, City Council Colleagues, Bishop Brown Tell DiPierro “Don’t Resign”

“Ride it out. It will all go away in time.”

By Josh Resnek

Racist Councilor Anthony DiPierro is sticking it out despite an avalanche of public requests for him to resign.

The young councilor, a cousin to the mayor and his campaign manager, is refusing to budge, this, despite his presence on the council being turned into a meeting to meeting cluster of angry public speeches by residents and officials.

This includes officials of the NAACP, which demanded that DiPierro resign immediately two weeks ago.

According to some of those who know DiPierro and who support him, he’s been urged to “ride it out.”

His chief supporter his cousin the mayor has not publicly said much about DiPierro’s racist memes and statements, which include DiPierro’s repeated use of the N word and anti-Black symbolism.

The racist memes and N word use were revealed last month by the Leader Herald and followed up by the Boston Globe and many Greater Boston media outlets.

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The Everett Political Merry Go Round is a Cash Cow for the Mayor; This Must Stop

By Stephen Pinto

Too bad School Committeeman Mike McLaughlin wasn’t as aggressive as a councillor as he tries to appear to be as a school committee member.

But he grew increasingly afraid of Carlo and now Carlo owns him. He was so afraid that he refused to vote on the mayor’s longevity bonus while still a councilor.

Jeannie Cristiano is out to make things as tough as possible for Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani.

If she and McLaughlin wore a DeMaria mask you’d swear it was his words they were speak- ing.

They all need schooling and legal directives on how to be a school committee member.

Especially when it comes to what the rules and policies are and what their obligations legally are.

When Frederick F. Foresteire was superintendent, McLaughlin had nothing but praise for the Everett Public Schools. He wouldn’t say boo to FFF. He always supported FFF and the committee. Now he’s clearly on a mission to tear it completely down.

He has become, to my dismay, and to the dismay of many others, just another tool for the mayor in that inner circle who are afraid of a strong independent woman of color like Tahiliani.

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Politics is always remaking itself; nothing lasts forever

Lt. Governor Polito and Governor Baker.

By Josh Resnek

Most of us who pay attention to politics had one opinion or another about the announcement last week that Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito will not be seeking re-election.

To those who know the governor well, this announcement has been a long time coming- and even though Baker referred to it as a “complex decision,” it was, after all, a decision that required only one thing – a yes or a no.

His answer – a resounding no.

Baker and Polito have done a good job during their tenure in the State House.

These are smart, decent, honest people who were well off before they went to the State House, and who did not enrich themselves while they served.

In other words, their hands were not out.

They are not takers – and now they are leaving.

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Where Is The Divided City Headed Following Divisive Mayoral Campaign?

By Josh Resnek

Mayor Carlo DeMaria will take the oath of office in January for another four years following his 210 vote victory over Councilor Fred Capone.

Nearly everything about the electorate is different this time from the last time DeMaria took the oath of office.

Nearly half the voters who came out to be heard in November, did not vote for the mayor.

Nearly half the voters rejected him.

Two hundred and ten voters does not a majority make in the modern world.

In the post Trump era, losing a close political match can be perceived and is, as being the same as winning.

Here’s the modern thinking.

Because 50 million voted for Trump, his cries that he won when he clearly lost hold a great deal of power and fascination over those who voted for him.

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All out effort by mayoral candidates for votes


In the pouring rain over the weekend the Capone and DeMaria camps both ignored the weather to pursue last-minute visibilities to bring out the vote Tuesday.

The crowds of competing sign holders in Everett Square were something to behold.

It is difficult to imagine such a display takes place in the modern world, which has become so immune to vestiges of the past when it comes to political campaigns.

Several observers of these last-minute visibilities said it was a miracle that the sign holdings between the competing parties didn’t lead to a total scene of mayhem.

There were not only visibilities but food distributions to seniors.

Both Capone and DeMaria distributed food to the elderly in last-minute efforts to shore up the belief that one of them was going to get the important elderly vote.

It was generally agreed by political observers that the most important events media-wise over the weekend were Gerly Adrien’s.

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