Midterm Election a Blur of Left Wing Versus Right Wing Ideologies; in Everett, Democrats Rule

By Josh Resnek

Here we go, again.

Midterm elections.

Will the Democrats retain power? Will the Republicans take over?

Will the results of the election be accepted by republicans who lose?

Who knows, and many of us nearly in despair about the state of American politics, the lament is: who cares.

Locally, Everett voters en masse will vote in overwhelming numbers for gubernatorial candidate Maura Healey.

This is a guarantee.

She will win convincingly and return state government to a democratic governor for the first time in many years.

She is no Charlie Baker but then, she plays a much better game of basketball than him.

The next Lt. Governor will likely be the mayor of Salem, Kim Driscoll – another former great college basketball player.

She knows what she’s doing. She’s tough and smart.

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Where Do They Stand?

Our Beacon Hill delegation has been unheard and unseen regarding the debate about public school overcrowding here.

Protest as they are sure to do about the above statement, they seem to be watching from a faraway place as the future of public school education hangs in the balance.

Make no mistake – overcrowding of our public schools isn’t just an Everett issue, it is at its very core, a state house issue.

Many cities are suffering from the same problems afflicting Everett in the public schools.

Our state house delegation should be out in the forefront of this fight – but they aren’t. If they are, they are keeping their efforts a best kept secret.

We suppose they will line up with the mayor to suggest that trailers for the kids is the best possible option.

Again, this would be a crime with the Pope John facility available.

At the very least, their voices being heard would mean something to residents here.

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Mayor Ordered To Pay Back $180,000 In Longevity Pay?

Secret IG Report Demanding Repayment Received By Mayor?

By Josh Resnek

Mayor Carlo DeMaria has allegedly received a finding from the Inspector General’s Office demanding repayment of $180,000 in longevity payments issued to him by the city and which he should not have accepted, according to a variety of sources claiming to have knowledge of the communication.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria

However, an official confirmation of the IG’s apparent finding cannot be officially confirmed by the Leader Herald, or others following the story, because of state law that demands that such investigations remain secret – at least until such time as the IG’s office determines legal remedies needed to adjudicate the overpayments are necessary.

A spokesperson for the Inspector General’s Office told the Leader Herald late Tuesday afternoon he could neither confirm nor deny the allegations regarding the issue of the longevity payments made to the mayor.

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Everett Democratic City Committee To Hold 2022 Organizational Meeting

The Everett Democratic City Committee will hold an organizational meeting on Thursday, June 16th, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. This meeting is being held for the purpose of electing new members as well as electing officers to the ward and the city committees. Participation in the organizational meeting is open to all Everett registered Democrats. If you were not a registered Democrat as of March 1, 2022, please have proof of registration available at the meeting.

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Mayor, City Council Colleagues, Bishop Brown Tell DiPierro “Don’t Resign”

“Ride it out. It will all go away in time.”

By Josh Resnek

Racist Councilor Anthony DiPierro is sticking it out despite an avalanche of public requests for him to resign.

The young councilor, a cousin to the mayor and his campaign manager, is refusing to budge, this, despite his presence on the council being turned into a meeting to meeting cluster of angry public speeches by residents and officials.

This includes officials of the NAACP, which demanded that DiPierro resign immediately two weeks ago.

According to some of those who know DiPierro and who support him, he’s been urged to “ride it out.”

His chief supporter his cousin the mayor has not publicly said much about DiPierro’s racist memes and statements, which include DiPierro’s repeated use of the N word and anti-Black symbolism.

The racist memes and N word use were revealed last month by the Leader Herald and followed up by the Boston Globe and many Greater Boston media outlets.

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