Looking at Politics

Primary Day in Everett

By Josh Resnek

A drive around the city on Primary Day 2019 was a drive around an empty space.

As at-large candidate Mike Marchese said early in the morning: “It looks like a ghost town.”

A ghost town indeed.

When I drove into Everett Square early this morning there were a handful of sign holders, chief among them former mayor, former city clerk, councilor at large John Hanlon, doing what he has done for a lifetime – and as his wife told me earlier on the telephone – “Loving it. It is his life.”

Councilor at large, former rep, Wayne Matewsky was also holding a sign in the square waving to the early morning primary day traffic.

A Steve Simonelli supporter carrying assign stood next to him also waving.

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Matewsky Campaign Kick-off Draws Hundreds of Supporters

By Josh Resnek

Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky’s campaign kick-off party in his back yard on Lewis Street attracted a huge crowd of friends and supporters Saturday night.

More than 200 people attended the invitation only affair, the kind of time Matewsky has made famous over his many decades in politics in this city.

Voters, neighbors, politicians and friends joined Matewsky at the annual barbecue and buffet.

“I want to thank you all for coming,” Matewsky told the crowd. “Do not forget to get out and vote on Tuesday,” he added. “Tell your friends to get out and vote – and thank you all for your longtime support,” he said.

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Primary Day Expected to Produce Very Light Vote

By Josh Resnek

Tuesday’s primary election for the at-large race will produce a lighter than usual vote, according to city hall officials.

Without a mayoral election powering the primary, many voters will be inclined to stay away from the polls.

One city hall official predicted 2200 as the total citywide vote when all is said and done Tuesday.

“Anyone scoring 800 votes or near to that is a sure winner,” said Councilor Wayne Matewsky.

Matewsky predicted those with a vote total as low as 400 would make the cut-off in the at-large race.

The at-large race is a citywide vote.

The top ten out of eleven finishers will make the ballot for the November finale.

One of the eleven present candidates will be eliminated by the primary Tuesday.


Labor Day Marks Beginning of Greater Political Efforts

Labor Day for the city’s politicians and candidates is like the moment the horses come out of the gate for the big race.

From here on in it is really no holds barred for those wishing to get themselves re-elected for the umpteenth time or for the first time.

It is amazing how quickly September 23 will be here for the city council at large primary.

It is yet again even more amazing how fast the November finale will be upon us.

It appears there is more energy this year than in elections past among all those wishing to get elected.

The sign wars are over the top.

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Puleo running sticker Campaign in Ward 4

By Josh Resnek

As reported in the Leader Herald several weeks ago, Dominic Puleo is running a sticker campaign for the Ward 4 seat being given up by Councilor Leo McKinnon.

Puleo made it official with his announcement in the Independent last week.

Puleo, 50, served a term as a city councilor in the early 2000’s. He is presently chair of the Everett Housing Authority.

Running a sticker campaign is complicated by comparison to having one’s name on the ballot.

It is believed Puleo is running at the request of the mayor.

He rents a unit from the mayor in his house on Central Avenue.

He will be facing Jimmy Le, a real estate broker first time out council hopeful.

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