Local Election Map Not Changing Very Much; Deadline Looming

Leader Herald Staff Report

With the July 19th final day for signature submissions to the election commission at city hall looming, the local political tarmac has not substantially changed on either the at-large race, or the city council ward races.

So far, only seven candidates have been certified for their names to appear on the ballot in the councillor- at-large category.

The councillor-at-large candidates are led by perennial ticket topper Councillor-at-large Wayne Matewsky. Councillor-at-large Michael Marchese, another top contender has been certified, as has former Mayor and Present Councillor-at-large John F. Hanlon and Council President Richard Dellisola, Jr. and Catherine Tomassi-Hicks.

The eight other candidates for an at-large seat whose signatures have not yet been certified are: Councillor-at-large Peter A. Napolitano, Councillor Stephen Simonelli, Gerly Adrien, Joseph LaMonica, David Lindsey, Jr., James Lavecchio, Leo Barrett, Renee Solano.

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Can Stephanie Martins Beat out Jason Marcus?

Everett City Council candidate, Stephanie Martins. 

by Josh Resnek

It is never too early to toss such ideas around.

Can a well known, highly regarded household word in this city like Jason Marcus hold off a relative newcomer in one of the most hotly contested races this season?

Marcus has name recognition. He’s been around for years. He’s won more than he’s lost and he has tended to always comeback.

Marcus is in comeback position right now.

He has been posting signs all over the city.

“I wish Ms. Martins the best,” Marcus told the Leader Herald.

“I am going to campaign hard as I always do. I am going to rely on the voters of this city who have elected me time and again,” he added.

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Is Greg Antonelli serious? Is he running or not?

by Josh Resnek

Those of us who know local businessman and possible political candidate Greg Antonelli understand this: he is driven; he is successful; he is entrepreneurial; he is clearly a cut above your average Everett candidate seeking office for the first time.

Antonelli doesn’t have it over veterans of the city’s political wars because he’s never put his name on the ballot.

That is and will be his defining moment – if he places his name on the ballot.

He has until July 19 to do this. Will he do it or not?

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The Line-Up

by Josh Resnek

Gathering signatures to get your name on the ballot is a job and it is also an art.

Some gather their signatures quickly, and record many more than they need. Others simply achieve the amount needed by gathering as a few as possible to attain that end.

Still others never gain the amount needed and their candidacies fail right out of the starting box.

As of Tuesday afternoon, records on hand at the Election Commission at city hall reveal 39 candidates who have taken out nomination papers.

Of that number, 24 have submitted signatures that have been certified.

However, only a handful of candidates have been certified to have their names on the ballot.

A look at those candidates can be revealing, although too much attention should never be paid to the gathering of signatures.

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The Everett Democratic City Committee is pleased to announce that they will hold their Annual Caucus Thursday, May 23, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. at the Parlin Library. Registration will open at 6:30 p.m. and close promptly at 7:00 p.m. Once registration is closed and the caucus begins, no additional registration will be permitted.