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A Spring of First

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By Josh Resnek

It is coming up on spring.  The spring of 2019.

This will be my first spring without my mother’s heart beating on this earth.

This is personal but on the other hand, there are dozens of you out there, hundreds really, thousands even, who have lost your mothers, or another loved one whose presence is sorely missed.

I lost my mother in July.

I went through my first fall without Mum – Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the Jewish holidays, Christmas, New Years Eve and on and on without Mum.

I’m going through the “firsts” this year, that is, the first spring, the first summer and then the firsts will be over because my Mum died last July.

When that first anniversary arrives, and the distance has grown further and further away from her touch, her voice, her love for me and for my kids and my wife and my sister – well, what is there to say?

Two days ago, a very dear friend lost her mother.

I knew the woman very well.

Shen had even written a book.

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