The Electoral College acts

Whether you are a Biden or a Trump supporter, Monday’s unanimous vote by the Electoral College confirming Biden’s November victory appears to be the end of the road about questioning the legitimacy of the election.

Everyone in this nation can use the court system as the president has been using it to put off the inevitable or to overturn the outcome of an event that only a court can overturn.

The courts have roundly and decisively rejected the presdent’s claims of massive fraud.

On two occasions the Supreme Court refused even to hear the president’s complaints, tossing them out without discussion or rancor or animus.

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Election proves Everett a dem stronghold, locals clean up

President-elect Joe Biden. (Courtesy of Bidenforpresident/Flickr)

Voters oust Trump by 3-1 margin


By many, many thousands of votes, Everett sent President Donald Trump packing last Tuesday.

More than a week later, the president is still posturing about overturning the election because of fraud.

He claims he won the election, that it was stolen from him.

He has promised to take his case to court and on the road with rallies.

To what end? Who knows?

In the meantime, many Everett Democrats breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed a bit of a celebration over Trump’s apparent defeat.

The rise of Joe Biden to the presidency appeared to calm the 75 million Americans who cast a vote for him, and many more, who believe the nation will be a better place with a more noble voice and an interest in bringing people together.

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Everett goes with Biden

Voters cast their ballots at the Recreation Center on November 3, 2020 in Everett, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Markey drubs O’Connor, Pressley, DiDomenico big winners


With the eyes of the nation on the presidential race, Everett convincingly voted in huge numbers for former vice-president Joe Biden over President Donald Trump.

Everett voters cast 14,657 ballots – a great turnout during this presidential election year.

Thousands of those ballots were cast before the election by mail.

City Clerk Sergio Cornelio’s masterful plan to get all the votes counted and to get them out to the public as soon as possible worked.

City hall was closed shortly after 9:30 p.m. in what was a record-setting fast, efficient and accurate scoring of the tally.

The tally was Biden/Harris 10,343 – Trump/Pence 4,022. Senator Edward Markey drubbed Kevin O’Connor 10,939 – 3,215.

Markey’s victory over Joe Kennedy was the real race and the real victory for the Malden Democrat and friend of the city of Everett.

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The question is Trump or Biden

It’s your chance on Nov. 3 to choose the next president


Next Tuesday is D-Day for all the Democrats who believe Trump cannot win.

It is D-Day for President Trump, who claims Sleepy Joe Biden can’t win.

It is D-Day for the nation’s pollsters, whose polls reveal Biden with a solid lead going into the final week of the campaign. However, many people don’t believe in the polls. Many Americans believe the polls lie.

The polls are scientific but pollsters questioning men and women voters – who are human beings caught up in their lives and not exactly scientific – cannot be certain they are notching truthful answers from sample voters unwilling to come clean about who they will be voting for when push comes to shove.

It is D-Day for all those who believe earnestly that democracy is at risk and that the nation may course into disintegration if Trump is elected again.

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Bruce Springsteen leaving country if Trump reelected

We guess the Promise of America isn’t enough by itself to sustain Bruce Springsteen in America.

For all his millions and millions, and for all his powerful method of expression and musical talent, for all his fame and golden albums he has let it be known that he is moving out of America to another country if Donald Trump is re-elected.

Can you imagine that?

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