Capuano, Pressley Pressing Onward

U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano.


Capuano Said to Have 13-Point Lead

By Josh Resnek

Congressman Mike Capuano and his opponent Ayanna Pressley debated last week, and according to political pundits, it was a no hit, no runs, no error performance by everyone involved.

In a race with two candidates who stand for virtually all the same things, no other outcome was possible.

Everett is said to be strongly pro-Capuano as the incumbent has not been taking anything for granted and has been making numerous public appearances here as well as outreach to local voters.

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The Congressional Race

The Boston Globe ran an interesting piece about the Capuano- Pressley race last Sunday.

The Globe wondered: what separates the two since their stands are almost the same?

We can tell you this, and the truth hurts.

This race is about gender and color.

These two both have progressive records.

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