Primary Day

Having a Primary Day election that will not be contested by candidates who lose claiming they lost because of election fraud is an encouraging reality about the basic integrity of Everett’s electoral apparatus.

Or let’s just agree it is quite unlikely such a situation could occur, and hasn’t occurred in generations here.

There is often much said about those voting here who do not live in the city but except for that and evidence that several dead people have been known to vote in previous elections, elections here are clean and neat.

With newer voting machines, they are also precise and exact with little space to make claims about votes or batches of them being stolen, hidden, thrown away or the such.

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A director of elections is needed and now

A primary will most likely be upcoming in September and a city-wide election will follow in November. That doesn’t leave much time for the city to find a new city voting czar for the Election Office.

During this new era that is upon us, with voters and officials all questioning the sanctity and utility of the voting process, Everett needs to have the Election office running as pristinely as possible with some at the head of it that knows what they’re doing.

This means the administration needs to get a move on to find an appropriate public official to run the voting show.

If this requires extra funding, then so be it.

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Terrence Kennedy pulls away from Helina Fontes in Gov’s Council race


As of midnight Tuesday, Governor’s Councilor Terrence Kennedy appeared poised to pull away from his opponent Helina Fontes.

With 52.5% of precincts reporting in District 6, Kennedy’s lead had grown to more than 3400 or 37,583 to 34,123.

In Everett balloting, Kennedy swept away the vote commandingly.

He scored 3608 votes to Fontes 1749.

As Tuesday turned into Wednesday, Kennedy was leading Fontes with 52.41% of the vote as opposed to 47.59% of the vote.

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