Protest must be allowed

Legal, public protest is a protected right in the United States.

You can be arrested for protesting on a public sidewalk, but such arrests are rare and frankly, they are not allowed by the law, in this case, by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The arrest last week of a man protesting corruption at Everett City Hall in front of city hall on a public sidewalk was a travesty.

Curiously, we do not fault the Everett Police for arresting the protester, as he allegedly “assaulted” a DPW employee “trying to do his job” removing the protester’s signs from the sidewalk.

What was unjust about the arrest is that we believe it was ordered by either the mayor or his paid errand boys and girls at city hall trying to show they are protective of the mayor’s sanctity.

By stifling public dissent about complaints alleging corruption at Everett City Hall, the city government is taking Draconian measures to keep city hall clean of corruption charges made on its sidewalk.

The only problem with such a policy?

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Arrest sparks reader outrage

Lone protester cuffed in front of City Hall


Everett Leader’s Facebook site was inundated with visitors over the weekend responding to the news that a protester minding his own business was arrested in front of city hall for calling attention to corruption at city hall with handmade placards he placed on the wall abutting the city walk.

At the Everett Leader Facebook page, Everett residents expressed a wide variety of thoughts about the arrest, about what instigated the arrest, and what it says about the rights of Everett citizens to protest in front of city hall.

The Everett Police Department alleges that the man arrested lunged at or attacked the DPW employee “just trying to do his job” removing the man’s posters from the sidewalk.

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CHA nurses protest unfair treatment

APRIL 27: Nurses stage an informational picket in front of CHA Everett demanding a better contract. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Picket CHA hospitals in contract dispute centered on patient safety, cuts in sick time


Cambridge Health Alliance, the owner of the former Whidden Hospital, is refusing to agree to patient safety improvements and is cutting sick time benefits in a general devaluation of nursing efforts according to the Massachusetts Nurses Association.

Protests were held out front of three Cambridge Alliance Hospital this week, including the former Whidden Hospital, where nurses and healthcare professionals held informational picketing.

Attention was called to CHA executives allegedly turning their backs on front line healthcare workers.

APRIL 27: Nurses in front of CHA Everettt protesting. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Instead of honoring the dedication and sacrifices made by nurses and health professionals during the pandemic, the CHA is opting to drag out lengthy and unfair contract negotiations that ignore needed improvements to staffing, pay, and benefits, the MNA claims.

“Despite our critical contributions to our patients and community during the pandemic and beyond, CHA management refuses to treat Everett Hospital healthcare professionals equally,” said Sharen Froilan RN, and Co-chair of the MNA Bargaining Committee at Everett Hospital. “Reaching a fair contract with CHA will mean Everett Hospital nurses and healthcare professionals receive the support we need and deserve as we care for our community.”

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Floyd death dominates as Covid-19 takes back seat

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 3.40.37 PM
A view of Ferry Street looking toward Boston. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

National protests continue as city leaders hold vigil


The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a white police officer, whose partners did nothing to stop the officer now charged with his death, has set off a firestorm of riots, peaceful protests and looting across the nation’s great cities.

It has caused a lot of thinking to be done out loud by a variety of people in Everett.

Everett is a minority majority city. Thousands of residents have been transfixed by the chaos as broadcast on television with many residents said to be seen crying and wondering if anyone is going to do anything or in fact, what can be done or should be done.

Black and brown residents have been especially moved by Floyd’s murder and the ensuing protests.

Everett Police have been instructed by their watch commanders and the chief to exercise caution with those they come in contact with to prevent a Floyd type incident here.

Tuesday evening, an Internet vigil was held by the mayor and Councilor Gerly Adrien. Also participating were Bishop Robert Brown of the Zion Church, Police Chief Steven Mazzie, Dr. Omar Easy and Myrlanndie DesRosiers.

In addition, the event had the endorsement of the city council and the school committee with nearly all the members attending online.

The mayor has called the death of Floyd as ugly and cowardly.

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Senator DiDomenico Joins Stop & Shop Workers on Picket Line

Stop & Shop 2
Senator Sal DiDomenico joins Stop and Shop workers on strike.

Senator Sal DiDomenico recently joined Stop and Shop workers in the United Food and Commercial Workers Union 1445 in Everett and Revere on their picket lines in front of their stores.

On April 12th, 31,000 Stop and Shop workers went on strike across New England for a fair wage, affordable and accessible healthcare, and a reliable retirement plan.

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