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Hello, Ayanna

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By Josh Resnek

Nothing lasts forever.

This was proven rather decisively by Congressman Mike Capuano’s stunning across the board loss to the Congressman to be, Ayanna Pressley.

We endorsed Mike here in Everett out of 20 years of loyalty and the belief that Mike had done a stellar job in a rather bad political environment, especially during the past few years.

Mike carried Everett over Pressley (above) by a whopping 1,500 votes but everywhere else he lost or came close even in Somerville, his home base, which he lost by less than 200 votes.

We welcome Pressley.

She has our support entirely as Mike had our support. We don’t really know her but we trust and hope she will do the right thing for Everett and for all the cities and towns in our district.

She has scored a phenomenal victory.

There is a thing about showing magnanimity in victory and magnanimity in defeat.

Mike showed great magnanimity in defeat.

He welcomed Pressley and offered her his support graciously by conceding early on primary night.

Pressley showed magnanimity in victory by praising the fallen Mike.

She reacted to her win with unabashed happiness.

Again, we welcome her here in Everett, our new Congresswoman, Ayanna Pressley!

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On The Election

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By Josh Resnek

It was a hot, sultry primary day Tuesday.

When it all ended late Tuesday night with the results at city hall, well, the people had spoken loudly and clearly.

The election after all is the ultimate poll.

The vote of the people is the ultimate endorsement.

So many people invested so much in this primary election battle.

Stat Smith, Gerly Adrien and the rep all wanted very badly to win.

When all the votes were counted there was only one winner.

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