Public Safety Should Always be a Top Priority

Public Safety is central to the well-being of a community and its residents. Every resident should feel safe and respected.

Until just recently, Everett failed to hire any firefighters since 2016, despite more than 25 members leaving the Department, the addition of a casino, a hotel, and numerous large-scale construction projects.

This failure to properly staff in order to address the increased risks put both firefighters and members of our community at greater risk. Additionally, failure to hire members during attrition resulted in the lost institutional knowledge more senior members could have shared.

By the time these new members were hired, those members with 30 or more years of experience on the job already left. Extensive experience and invaluable mentorship possibilities vanished. This wasted opportunity should never be allowed to happen again.

Moreover, when a Department is understaffed, as Everett was, we don’t qualify for grants to cover the cost of additional firefighter personnel. The inability to receive free funding for firefighters is another wasted opportunity that should never happen again.

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