City government criminally absent of diversity

The near absence of diversity at Everett City Hall in 2021 is shocking, painful, and proof of the disingenuous the mayor is about changing the course of racial history here.

The mayor stands against diversity.

He has been a detriment, indeed, a roadblock against diversity for twelve years.

The figures prove this.

The situation warrants a Justice Department investigation and intervention.

Everett City Hall and the nearly all-white city workforce and administration leadership look more like the all-white pre-Nelson Mandela South Africa than a modern American city that is largely non-white.

The racial inequality in this city is an indictment of the mayor’s incapacity and unwillingness to see beyond color.

It is also indicative of the pejorative beliefs he carries about Blacks and browns and immigrants as second-rate people who should not be given a chance to run the city of Everett, let alone to have a role in how the government is managed.

Everett, today, remains a segregated city.

The situation is shameful.

The city government’s workforce is a bastion of segregation and overt racism.

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