— Eye on Everett —

“Carlo should be leading the fight against racism and sexism. Instead, he remains quiet.”

– The Mayor’s Blue Suit in a conversation with Josh Resnek


I’ve been worn by Carlo for a long, long time. I’ve known him when he was bad. I’ve seen him change. But there’s something that remains the same, always. It is something that says, “I need more. I am not happy inside,” the Blue Suit said to me earlier this week.

“No matter what it is, he needs more. It is a restlessness born, I think, out of boredom. Let’s face it, he doesn’t read books. He isn’t the best-informed mayor in the nation. He doesn’t have much interest in art or culture. His insights about history are ridiculous. Mainly, Carlo resists change. He hangs on to the old Everett out of fear he will not fit in a new Everett,” the Blue Suit said to me.

“Go on with that. What do you mean that he needs more, that he is not happy?” I asked.

“Let me reiterate. I know him like a servant knows his master. Early on I idolized him. He wore me everywhere back then. I was proud to be worn by him. As I came to know him, as he changed during the early years of being mayor, I came to wonder about Carlo. The time came to pass when I didn’t want him wearing me as much, or eating while he wore me, or falling asleep while I was on him. Then came the up and down weight thing he goes through from time to time. That was the hardest,” the Blue Suit recalled.

“What was the hardest?” I repeated to the Blue Suit.

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Vice-Principle says he believes his job is to confront racism, empower all EHS students to help advance them in their lives

MARCH 8: Everett High School Vice Principal Cory McCarthy in his office at EHS. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Cory McCarthy is the vice-principal of Everett High School. He is bright, articulate, energetic, and to the point about what needs to be done for the benefit of the Everett High School students whose racial, social, and economic well-being he feels he is responsible for.

He has come to his position at a time when 82% of the EHS student body are students of color and ethnicity; when the city of Everett is dealing with the tell-tale signs of racism and exclusion.

Color and racism as a city issue have never been more pronounced in recent years than it is today. McCarthy’s job, as he sees it, is to confront racism, to empower all EHS students and those who are Black and Brown, not just as individuals but as a group – to instill in the kids, all the kids, the way to advance their lives, to go on to college and to wrestle, always, the racist monster which divides and troubles so many people in cities like Everett all over the nation.

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EHS vice-principal target of threatening messages

MARCH 8: Everett High School Vice Principal Cory McCarthy in his office at EHS. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Cory McCarthy says educating kids should not be made political


Everett High School Vice-principal Cory McCarthy has been bombarded with angry and threatening Tweets and e-mails; he has reported to the Leader Herald.

Some have threatened his physical well-being he said.

The Tweets and e-mails sent to McCarthy and others McCarthy has sent have made the rounds of social media in the local Internet environment.

In several of the Tweets he has received, the senders described him as a racist and a communist.

A photograph has also made the rounds showing McCarthy wearing a Che Guevara sweatshirt. Guevara was a Cuban revolutionary, a lawyer, who excited the interest of Baby Boomers during that era when Guevara was considered a rebel and a hero, and when Baby Boomers were trying to find themselves and to figure out how they could be free.

“I am not afraid,” McCarthy told the Leader Herald, speaking out about the Tweets and e-mails.

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Investigation into missing council video continues

Everett City Hall. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Two weeks ago, an investigation was ordered when a City Council tape of a racially charged meeting disappeared, was destroyed, or was stolen.

When a Boston Globe reporter asked the City Communications director for a copy of the Zoom recording, she was informed that someone had hacked into the City of Everett server and deleted the recording of the meeting and the post-meeting assault fest.

Many expressed first thoughts that went like this: what an amazing coincidence? Of all the files that could have been deleted, that was the one file that miraculously vanished.

The attacks on Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien had been erased, or so it appeared.

An Immaculate Deletion?

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200 Adrien supporters rally at city hall, decry racism

Supporters hold signs during a rally for City Councilor Gerly Adrien, the first women of color elected to the Everett City Council, at Everett City Hall on November 9, 2020. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Call out mayor, council for being stuck in ‘old days’, say they’re over


Councilor-at-Large Gerly Adrien addressed several hundred protestors in front of city hall late Monday afternoon.

The event was intended to shout out publicly the perceived racist attacks in Everett on Adrien by her colleagues on the city council.

The protest was a response to the personal attacks launched against Adrien two weeks ago by councilors for not attending the meeting in person.

They later asked Adrien to resign.

Adrien chose attendance on ZOOM out of consideration for her health, and the health of family members living with her.

City technicians couldn’t manage to run the audio properly for the public airing of the city council hearing, which ended in turmoil when the meeting was cut short and adjourned.

Councilors then verbally attacked her.

She insisted it was her right to stay away from the city council chamber because of the COVID-19.

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