Looking at real estate Broadway project too big?

By Josh Resnek

I have backed larger real estate developments here because they are, for the most part, the right way to go as the new city rising around us reconfigures itself.

The largest real estate developments recently give the city a good name and a bold new look.

They also serve as a constant source of sizable tax benefits for the hungry city treasury.

Thousands of residents who did not grow up here, have come to the city to live in the new developments – mostly younger people with good jobs who don’t have children so the local public schools already overcrowded have not been effected.

Many of these new residents don’t venture out of their small, expensive spaces. They very likely don’t know they are living in Everett, much less do they care.

They appreciate public transportation, nice spaces to live inside of with amenities and above all, close proximity to Boston which they love more than anything else.

The huge new developments going up on the Everett-Chelsea line by Stop and Shop, the giant Pioneer apartment house on the Revere Beach Parkway and now the planned for mother of them all, the proposed complex to rise on the former Market Forge site just up the street – one of the most polluted sites in the city about to be reborn – keep Everett hot.

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$10.5 million borrowing for Pope John Acquisition?


By Josh Resnek

The City of Everett wants to pay $10.5 million to the Archdiocese of Boston to purchase the empty Pope John school campus in North Everett.

The mayor, and several others in city government are looking to remake the campus into apartment housing for the elderly and for veterans, according to public statements made during the past few weeks in city hall and development circles.

“I believe the campus should be used for the purpose it was built,” Councilor at Large Mike Marchese told the Leader Herald.

“With our public schools overcrowded and nowhere to place classrooms full of new students we should use the Pope John site as a public school,” he added.

In recent years the need for elderly and veterans housing has produced very little tangible relief in what is considered a housing shortage.

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