Wet enough for you?

Rainiest July since 1921

JULY 12: A woman walks up Broadway with an umbrella as July proves to wet so far. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The talk about the rain is becoming a downpour among us.

Since the beginning of July, and especially over the July 4 weekend and well into the second week of the month, the rain has been consistent – that is – consistently soaking us from day to day without end.

If this keeps up, meteorologists expect July to be the wettest month on record since 1921.

Massachusetts reservoirs are filled to the top.

Local flooding has become a daily occurrence.

The rain added to our totals by the remnants of the tropical storm that soaked us last week has added to rain misery now afflicting the region.

Canceled fireworks, outside parties, barbecues, and beach and boating excursions over the Fourth of July put a real damper on the summer, which has been either incredibly hot and humid and uncomfortable or frankly, pissing rain from day to day without end.

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