Et Fini

This weekend marks the end of the state’s emergency measures connected with the pandemic for the past year of our lives.

We have followed the science here at the Leader Herald since the first reports of the outbreak. We have never regretted following the science and abiding by the restrictions that were heaped upon us.

We didn’t believe wearing a facemask was an intrusion on our rights as Americans.

We wore facemasks to stop the spread of the virus. We washed our hands. We socially distanced. We sacrificed vacations and holidays, personal moments with our families and friends.

Again, we followed the science.

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Full house at Encore, COVID requirements due to change

Gaming earnings start to slowly tick up in MA


New guidance from state and federal regulators has allowed the biggest Las Vegas casino operators – Wynn Resorts Ltd. And Las Vegas Sands Corp to allow vaccinated guests to stop wearing masks.

This contrasts with strict regulations that remain in force at Encore Boston Harbor, where masks are still required inside.

However, Tuesday’s announcement by Governor Charlie Baker that all restrictions are being done away with on May 29 gives rise to the belief the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is sure to follow with an edict allowing full capacity without masks for the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel.

In Las Vegas, it has been announced, plexiglass shields have been removed from gaming tables inside the casino parlors and in poker rooms all over Las Vegas.

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CDC, state drop facemasks mandate

Last day will be May 29


The CDC’s decision to allow those who have been vaccinated not to wear masks outside and inside, in some cases, has caused a great deal of confusion with the American public.

MAY 16: Everett residents continue to wear masks on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Now comes the decision by Governor Charlie Baker to drop all COVID-19 face mask restrictions on May 29.

This will include dropping as well most nearly all restrictions that have been in place since last March.

Here in Everett, the loosening of face mask restrictions outdoors by the CDC has done little to change the habits of the past year.

Most Everett residents are still seen wearing facemasks inside and outside, despite the policy change.

Governor Charlie Baker has allowed some restrictions regarding facemasks to remain in force until after the May 20.

It is expected Massachusetts will soon dispose of face mask mandates as we return to a new normal in the post-pandemic era.

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First anniversary marks dramatic change of lifestyle

The food line outside the Grace Food Pantry on Church Street one year ago. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)


One year ago, the world changed overnight for most Americans.

About this time last March, former President Donald Trump announced to the nation that the pandemic wouldn’t amount to anything and that we had it under control.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria shut down the city and went to Aruba for a vacation.

The public schools closed. They are scheduled to reopen on April 5 after a year has passed.

One year later, and our world has been turned upside down.

Whether or not you believe the virus was deadly, we have endured a historic year, a year of loss and serious self-examination, a year of staying to ourselves and our families; a year apart from our families and loved ones; a year without movement as we have always known it.

One year ago, this week, six Americans had died of COVID-19.

We are now 530,000 deaths into the count from those who succumbed to the ravages of the COVID-19 virus – more per capita deaths than anywhere in the world during the past twelve months.

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The struggle against COVID-19

MARCH 20: Patrons at the Grace Food Pantry Everett collect food from the service one year into the pandemic. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Infections fall, but pandemic fatigue sets in


Many of us from Massachusetts watch the television reporting of huge masses of drunken people swarming the entire length of Miami Beach and almost shutting down the city and we wonder – are we missing something?

With none of the partiers wearing masks on Miami Beach, and Florida basically wide open, again, we have to question ourselves: why aren’t we acting the same way as the partiers in Florida and in other states where mask are not required.

With deaths at more than 530,000 nationwide from the virus, and infections continuing to rise at about 60,000 every day, is the danger over from the COVID-19?

Is the pandemic done and finished?

No, it isn’t.

It appears to be under control, but this isn’t true, either. What is fact is that we are all tired of the restrictions on our lives but doubting about what comes next, and with good reason.

No one wants to get sick.

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