A firefighter’s firefighter retires

Deputy Chief Michael Ragucci strikes last alarm

Deputy Chief Michael Ragucci retires


Two weeks ago, former Mayor David Ragucci retired after a near lifetime of public service here.

His brother Michael, a man’s man deputy chief with the Everett Fire Department, is following in his brother’s footsteps.
He retired on the same day as his brother after 32 years.

If Deputy Ragucci told me to take a line through hell, I would have done it and returned safely.”

– Everett firefighter

In typical Mike Ragucci self-deprecating fashion, he said that his brother deserved the big spread on his retirement.

“He was a trailblazer. I was just a loyal firefighter who loved what I did from the day I joined the department in 1988. I loved serving the city. I was proud of all the men I served with. I learned about commitment, pride, and tradition,” he said.

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Mazzie Collyer signs of from EPD

Sgt Regina Mazzie Collyer receives her pin. (Courtesy of Everett Police Dept./Facebook)

Sgt Regina Mazzie Collyer. She retires after 32 years of service with Everett PD. She worked stints in Patrol Operations, was a long time investigator in the CIU & recently was assigned in a support role working special projects.

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Ragucci bids city hall arrivederci

JANUARY 28: Former mayor and assistant city clerk David Ragucci (above) will be leaving Everett City Hall. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Classy former mayor calls it a political career, tips his hat to all


Former mayor, former assistant city clerk, former Everett Alderman, former Stoneham Town Manager David Ragucci took his final walk out of the front door of Everett city hall last week.

The first Italian mayor of the city when he beat his opponent by 3400 votes will be recalled as one of Everett’s best mayors – and easily – the classiest representative of the community in Everett’s history.

He walked out of city hall with a wide smile and a sense that the history he leaves behind will always be recalled by those who summon up the names of the city’s great modern leaders.

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Gronkowski Retires

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 7.14.13 PM.png

By Lorenzo Recupero

Future hall of famer Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL this week, leaving the New England Patriots and its entire fan base at a colossal loss.

The larger than life sized void left by the 29 year-old won’t easily be replaced, but his legacy has shaped football history for years to come and enough for all to appreciate what he offered the game as he walks away from it.

A once wrongly predicated Belichick draft day bust, Gronk boosted the regional football experience in ways that not only our memories of hip-gyrating and ball-spiking end zone celebrations could speak of but the numbers can help relay.

Gronk’s colorful personality always made him a multi-dimensional entertainer and athlete, but to put his gridiron dominance into perspective you’d have to take a closer look at the body of work he complied over a relatively short NFL career.

In just 9 season, Gronkowski tallied totals NFL players can only dream of as he racked up NFL records along the way.

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