Encore numbers down $16 million for past two months; sports betting added

Encore is on a roll. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Encore numbers had been steam rolling to the $70 million mark before January and February.

In November and December, Encore’s figures toyed with the $70 million a month. Annualized, that would come in at $800-$850 billion for the year – an incredible achievement of the first order for a casino company operating in Massachusetts.

February’s figures were down again from the highs of November and December, but remained consistent with January’s, coming in at about $62 million.

My weekly visits to the casino reveal crowds and excitement everywhere and especially on Thursdays, Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. Nowhere has the excitement been more palpable than in the sports betting area where huge televisions and large, energetic crowds of Boston sporting fans watch great sporting events while at the same time placing bets on them.

With the BIG EAST national college basketball tournament coming up at Madison Square Garden, expectations are for huge numbers to be generated by legions of excited sports bettors at Encore and with the other sports betting outfits allowed to operate in Massachusetts. This can be taken to the bank.

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2023 Tax Rate Set

Leader Staff

The city’s chief financial officer Eric Demas and its director of the assessor’s office BJ Devereaux came before the city council Monday night to discuss the setting of the new tax rate.

We have to admit, when they were finished describing the city’s convoluted income and assessment picture

for the coming year in great detail, we were slightly confused as to what exactly they were talking about.

That being said, the residential tax rate came in at $11.78.

The commercial tax rate was set at $25.36.

Revealed during the financial discussion before the council Monday night:

The average Everett residential tax bill is about $3,362 a year. This compares well with all surrounding cities and towns, and in fact, Everett’s yearly tax bill for homeowners is lower than all of them by a fairly wide margin.

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Encore Reports $62 Million Income in October With Another Robust Month

By Leader Herald Staff

New England’s premier juggernaut gaming location, Encore, has reported yet another banner month with more than $62 million in gam- ing revenues in October, according to figures released by the Massachusetts Gaming Com- mission last week.

This was the second consecutive month with gaming revenues in the $62 million territory during a record setting sprint leading to the end of what was a very successful year in the post COVID world.

September revenues at Encore came in at $61.8 million.

Table games at Encore produced more than $28 million in October.

Slot machines again led the gaming revenue at Encore with $33.6 million.

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Encore Scores Big Numbers In Robust September; Another Major Month

Electronic Craps game for those who prefer privacy. (Photo by Joe Resenk)

By Josh Resnek

Encore brought in $61 million in September, a great haul for the gaming juggernaut.

September’s take was well above August’s figures which were in the high $50’s of millions of dollars.

It would appear that Encore Boston Harbor Hotel and Casino has found its groove – it’s mojo, so to speak.

Monthly gaming revenues have been averaging close to $60 million or more for the past half year.

In the post COVID atmosphere now developing with a great deal of power and verve, and with online gaming about to be instituted here, the creation as well of a large and comfortable room swarming with huge flat screens broadcasting every kind of sporting event has added to the everyday party atmosphere at New England’s only five star hotel and gaming facility.

Food options are abundant. The treats one can buy are solid products made by the likes of restaurant prodigies Frank DePasquale and Nicki Verano on the one hand to chowing down at the Shake Shack for burgers, fries and shakes on the other.

The energy is contagious. The draw of gaming is growing stronger from month to month.

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