Patriots trade Gronkowski for fourth round draft pick

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Tight end joins Tom Brady in Tampa Bay: says he’s ready to play again


In a development completely shocking to all New England sports fans, Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski is back from retirement.

But his return won’t be spent with the Patriots.

The entire NFL world was rattled again by news coming out of New England. First it was the greatest quarterback to ever play the game who made his departure, and now the greatest tight to ever play the game will officially be picking up his things and moving on as well.

After flirting with a return for a full season and play- ing with the emotions of all New Englanders, Gronk announced Tuesday he will come out of retirement — to play ball with Tom Brady down south.

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Gronkowski Retires

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By Lorenzo Recupero

Future hall of famer Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL this week, leaving the New England Patriots and its entire fan base at a colossal loss.

The larger than life sized void left by the 29 year-old won’t easily be replaced, but his legacy has shaped football history for years to come and enough for all to appreciate what he offered the game as he walks away from it.

A once wrongly predicated Belichick draft day bust, Gronk boosted the regional football experience in ways that not only our memories of hip-gyrating and ball-spiking end zone celebrations could speak of but the numbers can help relay.

Gronk’s colorful personality always made him a multi-dimensional entertainer and athlete, but to put his gridiron dominance into perspective you’d have to take a closer look at the body of work he complied over a relatively short NFL career.

In just 9 season, Gronkowski tallied totals NFL players can only dream of as he racked up NFL records along the way.

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