Can’t we all just get along

By Stephen Pinto

The city has no right to take money out of School Department accounts earmarked for the kids of Everett’s Public Schools.

If it isn’t illegal, it should be.

For those of us watching proceedings of the city council, it is obvious to most observers that Councilor Gerly Adrien’s constitutional rights to free speech and thought are being impeded by the mayor’s mouthpiece, Council President Rosa DiFlorio.

DiFlorio stands against, criticizes, and condemns Adrien at every opportunity. She tries talking over her. She tells her she’s out of order. She will call a recess in order to silence Adrien.

This is becoming a very serious matter.

Councilor DiFlorio can’t understand the basic math when it comes to school department reimbursements.

If she can’t understand this, she should resign.

Why would anyone want her voting on city finances and spending when she doesn’t understand them.

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Mayor strips $471K from schools, Adrien, DiFlorio clash again

Councilors battle over EPS funds


Councilor Gerly Adrien asked Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas point-blank at least five times if he had sent an e-mail instructing Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani that the mayor was taking $471,000 out of the School Department account for the mayor’s use that the schools had already spent on Chromebooks and hand sanitizers for school children.

Adrien knew he hadn’t done that.

Tahiliani has said she was not notified.

At first, Demas said yes, then as Adrien repeatedly asked him the same question, Demas hemmed and hawed, hesitated, and finally answered: “They should have known but I did not send an e-mail about the $471,000.”

Adrien shot back.

“How would they know if you never told them?” Adrien asked Demas.

Demas didn’t respond.

Council President Rosa DiFlorio, doing the mayor’s bidding, as usual, told her colleagues she’s sick and tired of the debate over this money the mayor took from the School Department without telling the superintendent or the School Department.

It was as if she said it is OK if the mayor takes money out of School Department accounts he shouldn’t be touching

“No one’s denying the money,” she shouted.

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Letter to the Editor

I’m writing in reply to a recent Letter to the editor submitted by library Trustee Sandy Juliano. First of all, no one ever won an argument by name-calling. For such a serious and important topic, I’m saddened to see Ms Juliano felt she needed to use a silly and demeaning nickname for me. Anyone who knows me and my family would know that is not my style, so I will look beyond that foolishness.

On an important side note, Ms Juliano mentions my sister Anna, a veteran library assistant over 35 years and someone whose professionalism is unquestioned. I’m not sure why she felt it necessary to raise her in the letter, but Anna doesn’t have anything to do with the Council vote, which is what we should be focused on.

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