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Good deals offered at McKinnon’s last week. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

How is it done?

How is it McKinnon’s can have such incredible money saving deals during this time of inflation?

Are the owners magicians? Are they geniuses? Are they fools?

Of course not.

The folks creating the prices at McKinnon’s for their products are simply not gougers. They are not into ripping off their hard working customers.They know their clientele. They make a super effort to remain profitable without gouging their customers.

What is happening now across the nation, literally everywhere for everything, is price gouging during a time of inflation.

What McKinnon’s does can be done everywhere but it isn’t.

Most corporations will charge much higher prices until their customers rebel or nearly go broke, and when business is hurt, prices will naturally come down.

At McKinnon’s, the folks who do the buying and who set the prices have a devotion to savings they wish to pass on to their customers.

Shop at McKinnon’s!

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EHS coaching hunt officially underway

Pietrantonio puts his name in the hat

By Lorenzo Recupero

Following the departure of its head varsity coach just over a week ago, Everett High School is officially on the hunt to find a new leader for Crimson Tide basketball.

Everett natives Ross Pietrantonio and Antione Coleman (far right) advocate to Everett youth at the Rec. Center.

According to EHS Athletic Director Tammy Turner, the application for the open position was posted both internally and externally on Monday, August 28th.

With Crimson Tide basketball set to tip-off its 2023-24 season schedule on December 12th against Malden High School, time is of the essence.

Recognizing EHS’ newfound need and motivated by the importance the role plays in the community, lifelong Everett resident Ross Pietrantonio, who has led Everett youth sports in the past, is stepping up with the hope he will be awarded the opportunity to take the helm of Crimson Tide basketball.

“The state of Everett sports is at a critical moment. These student-athletes deserve the same experience I had in the Everett Public Schools,” said Pietrantonio, a graduate of EHS’ class of 2004 and former football champion, winning titles with the Crimson Tide in 2001, 2002, and 2003. Pietrantonio was most recently an assistant for former EHS football coach Rob DiLoreto who stepped down after last season.

“The student-athletes need structure, routine, and to be held accountable for their choices. They need to understand the definition of commitment, putting others before themselves and ultimately how to manage adversity on and off the court,” said Pietrantonio in an interview with the Leader Herald after he applied for the coaching position. “I’m here to teach, develop, and continue to carry on the winning traditions of Everett sports,” he continued.

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Celebration of Life, Scholarship Set To Honor Late Michael Joseph Matarazzo


When lifetime Everett resident Michael Matarazzo passed away suddenly in April of this year, it opened a huge void in the lives of those who had the chance to know him.

Included in the many in Everett grieving the loss of Matarazzo was childhood friend and former teammate, Ross Pietrantonio, who felt it necessary — and fitting — his longtime pal continue to be celebrated in life after his death.

“He was a legend,” said Pietrantonio, who first played football with Matarazzo on the Everett Pop Warner D-Team at 8-years-old. They traveled together to Florida for the national tournament. “[He was] quiet, hardworking and didn’t say a lot — but he did a lot,” said Pietrantonio of the late Matarazzo, who was part of multiple championship sea- sons for the Everett High School football dynasties of the 2000’s.

At a Celebration of Life at Village Bar & Grill scheduled for Thursday, July 7, Pietrantonio plans to commemorate the essence which made Matarazzo so special to the community, with hopes of recapturing it for the future.

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Pop Warner kicks off new season

AUGUST 3: EHS assistant football coach Ross Pietrantonio and EHS football players Jayden Biggie, Jaylen Murphy, Darrion Green, Pedro Rodrigues, Carlos Rodrigues, Ricardo Abraham, JJ Costa, Joseph Turcios, Nick Raymond, Hector Guevara, Jaiden Coriano, and Ismael Zamor take part in Everett Pop Warner’s Football Clinic.


In preparation for the start of football across the city, Everett High School assistant football coach Ross Pietrantonio and a host of EHS football players helped facilitate a clinic for the Everett Crimson Tide Pop Warner program on Saturday.

Pietrantonio said the clinic is just the start of a renewed fo- cus on rebuilding a steady collaboration between EHS football and Everett Pop Warner. A dozen athletes, including Jayden Biggie, Jaylen Murphy, Darrion Green, Pedro Rodrigues, Carlos Rodrigues, Ricardo Abraham, JJ Costa, Joseph Turcios, Nick Raymond, Hector Guevara, Jaiden Coriano, and Ismael Zamor all lent a hand to the youth in attendance.

“This is just the beginning for building a bridge between the high school program and the Pop Warner system,” said Pietrantonio,” who along with his players helped run individual drills with the Pop Warner youth, from 1-on-1 coaching to cheering kids on as they ran their 40-yard dash.

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Pietrantonio rushing for Ward 6 council score

City council candidate and Everett High assistant football coach Ross Pietrantonio is taking on Al Lattanzi for the open Ward 6 seat. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Assistant EHS football battles local businessman for open spot in city government


Lifelong Everett resident and standout athlete Ross Pietrantonio knows what it feels like to win for Everett, having been part of three championship Crimson Tide football teams. He plans to reprise the winning sentiment this fall, as a candidate for the open Ward 6 City Council seat.

A 2004 Everett High School graduate, Pietrantonio hasn’t felt pressure from anyone but himself to run for city council, stating he’s not a politician, just a guy from the city who wants to help.

He is resolute and his motive for running is clear: Everett kids deserve more.

Youth development is at the forefront of Pietrantonio’s campaign platform. The city’s lack of such programs has been a source of major frustration for him.

“The city’s missing active role models for our youth and I want to fill one of those roles,” said Pietrantonio, who plans, win or lose, to live by his campaign slogan: “Change starts with you”.

“[The slogan] is pretty simple. If you want to help change something, you can’t wait for someone else to do it, you need to be first,” he said.

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