Mayor’s wife calls Sal Sachetta a bitter old man


Stacy,I am a bitter old man (91 years old) and I blame your vindictive husband.

This is what he did to me for his greed !!!

He asked me many times to approve his pay raise, even coming to my home and clasping his hand together as if to be praying, begging for me to approve his pay raise!!!

I told him I would approve his pay raise once we received the money from the Casino.

He then asked me to come to his office, again asking for me to approve his pay raise, again.

I gave him the same answer.

He had two of his appointees in his office at the time and asked for them to leave so that we would be alone.

He then said to me that if I did not vote for his pay raise he would back up my opponent ( Mike McLaughlin ) and even support him with money.

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Sal Salchetta has 39th birthday

We won’t get into exactly what number birthday has passed for former councilman Sal Sachetta.

Lets say the late great comedian Jack Benny used to always joke to those who asked him about his age on his birthday well into his eighties, he always replied that he spent his lifetime being 39.

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Letter to the Editor

I was a member of the City of Everett Government for 8 years and it was an honor and privilege.

I have great concern for the proposed changes that are being discussed. That the ward Councilors would be voted for only in their respectful Wards!!!

I attended the Charter reform committee meetings when we changed our form of government and I had made my position known at that time… That the Councilors at large and ward were not only voting on matters that pertaining to one ward but the entire City, therefore that councilors are responsible to the entire City voters!!! Not only that, but the campaigning cost for a Ward Councilor would be much less costly and would require less work than an At Large Councilor, and they would receive the same salary in the amount of $25,000 per year!!!!

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