Mayor’s $232K salary tops in MA

Mayor Carlo DeMaria


A close look at the mayor’s salary reveals that he made approximately $232,000 last year.

His salary, including retirement, longevity, and benefits, dwarfs those of big-city mayors in Massachusetts.

In fact, records reveal he is the highest-paid mayor in the state of Massachusetts.

The breakdown is $191,000 base salary, $40,000 in longevity, and $6,000 for a car allowance.

Mayoral candidate Gerly Adrien said she was shocked and amazed at the mayor’s compensation.

Her concerns were shared and echoed by mayoral candidate Fred Capone.

“His compensation is not only greedy, but an insult to the hard-working residents of our community, Capone told the Leader Herald.

Adrien expressed similar sentiments.

“This is outrageous. This is sad,” Adrien told the Leader Herald.

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School committee salaries boosted to $12.5K annually


School Committee representatives will be receiving $12,500 a year in 2021, and $15,000 a year in 2026 as a result of a vote of the City Council taken Monday night during its Zoom meeting.

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Mayor’s raise should be stripped

The city council has awarded the mayor with a $12,000 raise in his salary being called a car allowance.

Secretary of State Bill Galvin and Attorney General Maura Healey should investigate this outrage to our common sense.

This $12,000 raise was given as part of the budget cutting exercises at city hall Saturday afternoon.

We understand the apathy that allows such raises to be given to the mayor, who does not need it, when he comes before the council to cut the budget, to bring it in line with income.

What we do not understand is how the mayor can bully and berate his colleagues in government, humiliating them, actually, so they capitulate to his whims.

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Mayor demands $12,000 raise; City council hands it over

By Josh Resnek

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 5.00.26 PM

The mayor came to the city council hearings at city hall Saturday with a secret appropriation hidden inside a $208 million budget proposal that was being gone over to identify cuts and savings.

Just to show the council exactly where he stands on savings, the mayor put himself in for a $12,000 a year stipend for automobile expenses he accrues during an average workweek driving his car around the city.

Councilor Fred Capone let the cat out of the bag initially, bringing the $12,000 item onto the council floor for public debate.

“I am suggesting we cut the automobile allowance to $700 a month,” Capone told his colleagues.

The mayor grimaced.

He grew outraged.

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Mayor’s Salary Should Be Capped or Reduced — Or Both

The mayor’s $180,000 a year salary story in last week’s newspaper produced a howl of sentiment from hundreds of readers of the Leader Herald’s print and online editions.

Mostly there was great surprise that so much could paid in one year to one man running a small American city like Everett.

During the past ten years of the mayor’s rule his salary has gone from the $80,000 a year level to the near astounding $180,000+ plateau.

We suggest urgently that the city council consider capping the mayor’s salary for atleast five years.

Either cap it, or reduce it to $140,000 a year.

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