Endless summer

The endless summer at Santa Monica Beach in California. (Photo by Josh Resnek)


Santa Monica Beach, California – I hate leaving Massachusetts at the end of summer.

My daughter is spending her last semester at BU’s School of Communications with an internship at CBS in Los Angeles.

I am writing this bit from California.

We all came out to California to make sure she’s set up appropriately.

This obliterated the general end of summer reverie when we try to come to terms with the summer irretrievably gone while at the same time attempting not to grow depressed that life is about to change with the seasons, again.

The beach at Santa Monica is divine.

panache. On this stretch of beach men and women are doing yoga, playing music, walking on tightropes, riding bicycles, falling in love, falling out of love, loving their lives, hat- ing their lives but somehow surviving amidst the warmth and welcome so much a part of the California coast and its people.

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