The Meaning Of Four Votes

The LaMonica-Cornelio recount last Sunday proves one thing – every vote counts in a close election.

LaMonica’s four vote victory is sweet for him.

Cornelio’s four vote loss is a tragedy for her.

If Cornelio had gotten five more people to vote for her, she would have won and not LaMonica.

The same, of course can be said of LaMonica’s effort.

He got the five more people needed to best Cornelio. Which brings us to the meaning of this short missive about the importance of every vote in a close election.

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Cornelio Recount in the Works; Papers Officially Filed with Election Commission

4 Votes Away from Overturning LaMonica Election

By Josh Resnek

Elections don’t get much closer than the situation existing between the third and fourth place finishers in the School Committee at-Large contest.

Only 3 votes separate incumbent at-Large School Committeeman Joseph LaMonica who finished third and Margaret Cornelio, an at large candidate who finished fourth.

Cornelio has filed for a re-count.

Cornelio scored 2,494 votes as the count revealed on Election night.

LaMonica tallied 2,503.

At the time, the two were 9 votes apart.

However, further scrutiny of the vote gave Cornelio 6 more votes, bringing her total to 2,500.

“I feel good about the re-count. So many of my supporters have urged me to ask for a recount. I am waiting for the date to be set,” Cornelio told the Leader Herald.

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Cornelio seeks recount in 3 vote race

Papers due by Friday to have votes tallied again


The at-large School Committee race is not yet over.

If Margaret Cornelio has her way, a recount will prove she won the race over her closest at-large opponent, School Committeeman Joseph LaMonica.

As the Leader Herald went to press Tuesday evening, LaMonica held a 3 vote margin over Cornelio.

That margin was 9 votes on election night but later tallies reduced his margin to just 3 votes.

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Mayor holds off Capone

Challenger’s upset bid falls short

October 29: Both candidates stand with their supports on the same corner during a political rally in Everett Square.

Voters give DeMaria 6th term, 210 separated candidates, City Council has new faces


Mayor Carlo DeMaria held off a bold bid by Councilor Fred Capone defeating him by 210 votes in a hotly contested mayoral election.

DeMaria received 51.18% of the vote to Capone’s 48.30%.

DeMaria’s vote total was 3,735 to Capone’s 3,525.

The incumbent mayor is about to enter his 15th year at city hall as the city’s leader had said he could not be beaten and that he will be the mayor forever.

He won 8 out of 12 precincts in gaining a hard-fought victory.

He sealed his victory with strong showings in Wards 5 and 6.

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Ward 6 School Committee whittled to two candidates

Catherine Hicks will be facing Mike McLaughlin for the prize Ward 6 School Committee seat in November following Tuesday balloting.

Longtime School Committeeman Thomas Abruzzese did not make the cut in this hotly contested battle for the Ward 6 seat.

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