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Missing The Mayor

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By Josh Resnek

For the Larger part of the past two work weeks, the mayor has been missing in action in his corner office at city hall.

The mayor’s parking space in front of city hall is perfectly, exquisitely empty nearly all day every day.

We understand the mayor has been ducking phone calls and meetings.

Not wanting to be at his desk at city hall is explainable.

Who wants to work in August when you can be swimming in your gorgeous backyard pool behind his mansion?

Let’s face it, not much gets done during August.

But he’s the mayor.

He got elected to work just like we do.

Many people, including his supporters, expect him to be there or at least to be doing something, anything.

“He has no work ethic. Where is he?” said one of the mayor’s close supporters recently.

“I’m up early and working hard everyday? Why isn’t he?” his friend said as a matter of fact.

What does the mayor do when he is not at his desk in city hall during the summer months?

Is he watching the Red Sox? Doubt it.

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Everett Public Schools Brace for Layoffs

Funding Shortages Creating Concerns in the Short and Long Term

February 8, 2018_schools2
Reporters from several Boston news outlets were on hand for Monday’s meeting, Above, Superintendent Frederick F. Foresteire answers a question from WCVB’s Jorge Quiroga.

Attempts to erase a nearly $9 million gap in the current school department budget might require massive layoffs later this month, with another round of cuts being prepared for March, as fears grow that the Everett Public Schools (EPS) won’t be able to sustain the programs and services that are essential to its success.

Superintendent of Schools Frederick F. Foresteire announced at Monday’s School Committee meeting that 110 employees have been notified they will be laid off effective Friday, February 16, resulting in $2 million in savings. Teachers (58), paraprofessionals (18), clerks (12), and custodians and houseworkers (19) make up most of the proposed layoffs, which are spread across every building in the school system. Continue reading Everett Public Schools Brace for Layoffs