— Eye on Everett —

The Changing City

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By Josh Resnek

It is impossible to know how things play out in our lives until they play out.

The history of a city cannot be written until the history has been lived out.

However there are indicators that pop up here and there along the path of our lives which helps us to see where we are heading.

What is true for individuals is true for cities and the places where we live our lives.
The coming of the casino to this city is a life changing occurrence. The casino doesn’t have to be open yet for all of us to understand how its appearance on our landscape is a game changer for the city. Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 3.52.47 PM.png

The casino coming here and taking over the life and times of the city in nearly all its nuances is a story a bit like a famous movie from the 1950’s, “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

This movie was a serious, high-minded exploration of mid-20th century suspicion and paranoia, combined with a philosophical overview of humanity’s coming place in the larger universe.

It is a bit like that here where the casino changes everything.

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