Signature oversight corrected


Certification requirements changed

The city clerk and Everett’s Election office have confirmed that signature requirements have been changed to coincide with the recent Charter change concerning the upcoming city election.

Signature requirements for all those running for District School Committee and City Council seats have been officially dropped, as required by the city Charter change but were overlooked, according to City Clerk Sergio Cornelio.

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Sergio Cornelio rising

City Clerk Sergio Cornelio has been elected the President of the Massachusetts Town Clerk’s Association.

Obviously, this is a great honor for Cornelio. It also, at the same time, speaks well of Everett.

Since becoming the City Clerk in 2018, Cornelio has grown into the position.

It appears to be something he was destined for, quite frankly.

He is a font of knowledge about nearly everything under the purview of the City Clerk’s office, which is to say, this is everything under the sun one needs to know about governmental goings-on in Everett.

His attention to detail at city council meetings and the various hearings he must preside over has made him the go-to man.

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Cornelio predicts 16,000 votes to be cast on Nov. 3


City Clerk Sergio Cornelio is perhaps the best voting handicapper in the city.

As such, he is predicting approximately 16,000 total Everett votes in the upcoming presidential election.

“We’ve already got about 6,000 mail-ins – 4,000 from the primary and an additional 2,000 to date,” Cornelio said. “We are looking for about double that number in the finale,” he added.

Cornelio said processing all the ballots takes attention but is not rocket science.

He said that Everett and the state of Massachusetts are adept at counting mail-in ballots and that voting fraud is not a factor in this upcoming election.

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