Sergio Cornelio Gets 5 Years

The mayor waged a fight to make sure City Clerk Sergio Cornelio was not reappointed to another 5-year term.

The mayor has lost that fight rather convincingly in the public forum he has controlled with an iron fist for longer than a decade.

In reality, that is, in the new Everett political configuration being born, Cornelio won the fight.

His reappointment Monday night at a special meeting was a sweet moment for the city clerk, once a close friend of the mayor who is now at odds with him and vice versa.

Six months ago, it appeared that Cornelio didn’t have a chance.

The mayor removed some of his stipends. Cameras were placed in the city clerk’s office. Efforts were made to persuade councilors not to vote for Cornelio when his reappointment came up.

Six months later, the political world has been turned upside down here.

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Cornelio Wins – Mayor Loses

By Josh Resnek

By a 7-3 vote that was never in question, City Clerk Sergio Cornelio was given a 5 year extension to continue serving the city.

Sergio Cornelio won a five year extension Monday night. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

This was not the decision Mayor Carlo DeMaria was hoping for.

Cornelio’s winning vote was a bitter loss for the mayor.

The city council wholeheartedly rejected a nearly two year-long effort by the mayor to cut some of the city clerk’s stipends before removing Cornelio.

The animus between the two city officials stems from a real estate deal that has raised more questions than answers.

Cornelio and the mayor are involved in a bitter law suit that has pitted one against the other in a winner take all type of competition over “my” Corey Street real estate deal that Cornelio said Monday night, “went awry.”

Cornelio’s victorious vote is a reflection of the changing political climate in Everett politics. It highlights the negative effect many lawsuits, complaints and difficulties the mayor is now experiencing and how his former friends on the council have resigned or turned against him.

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Cornelio Being Marginalized By Mayor, Napolitano and The City Hall Cabal

Cornelio Facing Closed Doors and Mouths at City Hall

By Josh Resnek

The School Committee agenda for this week’s Monday night meeting was not scheduled on time.

A snafu occurred.

The Monday meeting had to be rescheduled for Tuesday night.

We come to learn that the School Department sent over the agenda request to the city clerk’s office on the appointed day at the appointed time as it always tends to do.

It’s like clockwork.

But something, somehow went amiss last week.

One would be led to believe that such a gaffe is the shoddy work of City Clerk Sergio Cornelio.

However, intaking the agenda from the School Department and posting it on time is part of his job that has been taken away from him by the city, presumably the mayor.

A third party company has been hired to post the agenda.

”It is thoroughly ridiculous that Cornelio cannot post the school committee agenda. This week’s inability to post by the third party reveals the efforts to which others are trying to marginalize Cornelio,” said the source, who wished to remain unnamed.

This makes it difficult to impossible for Cornelio to do his job.

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Cornelio Recount in the Works; Papers Officially Filed with Election Commission

4 Votes Away from Overturning LaMonica Election

By Josh Resnek

Elections don’t get much closer than the situation existing between the third and fourth place finishers in the School Committee at-Large contest.

Only 3 votes separate incumbent at-Large School Committeeman Joseph LaMonica who finished third and Margaret Cornelio, an at large candidate who finished fourth.

Cornelio has filed for a re-count.

Cornelio scored 2,494 votes as the count revealed on Election night.

LaMonica tallied 2,503.

At the time, the two were 9 votes apart.

However, further scrutiny of the vote gave Cornelio 6 more votes, bringing her total to 2,500.

“I feel good about the re-count. So many of my supporters have urged me to ask for a recount. I am waiting for the date to be set,” Cornelio told the Leader Herald.

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