Mailing touches raw nerve

Mayoral election likely to be nasty, crude flier seems to be just the start


During deliveries around the city of our newspaper las week, the driver picked up a half dozen fliers that Everett residents received in the mail from individuals who asked him to look it over.

They all reported the fliers came in plain white envelopes with a Florida postmark with no return address.

The envelopes were addressed sloppily in longhand or printed on the front of the envelope.

The 8”x 11” flier presumably attacking the mayor’s record on sexual harassment calls for him to step aside.

In large black Roman bold lettering, the following appears at the top of the flier: #Him-Too?

DeMaria is written across the top of the flier above that.

The flier calls for the mayor to step aside. It asks for an independent independent investigation.

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Petition calls for ban on sex offenders from working as municipal employees

In 1997 an Everett fireman with 10 years of service was convicted of A&B of a child under the age of 14 and his sentence was «suspended» & he was placed on the sex offender list for 15 years. The City of Everett, MA did nothing; they allowed him to continue working as a firefighter for the next 17 years. Last year, the same person drugged & raped me (5 years after the sex offender listing expired). The City will not answer as to why they allowed a sex offender to work as a firefighter, a public position of trust. How many other sex offenders are working in positions of trust in this City?

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Wynn Resorts Touting Change but Sexual Harassment Charges Still Dogging It

(Joseph Prezioso photo)
Plows clear snow from the entrance of Encore Boston Harbor on Monday afternoon.

By Josh Resnek

The reports coming out of Las Vegas reveal that Wynn Resorts is relieved with its $20 million fine that has ended, for the time being, its difficulties with the Nevada Gaming Commission.

The commission’s 4-0 vote to order the company to pay a record fine ended a chapter indicating the company was aware, and admitted to being aware, of sexual harassment allegations against company founder Steve Wynn.

But the saga for the company is far from over.

Here in Everett, where the Wynn project is nearing completion, there remains the caveat that Wynn does not yet have a gaming license.

That was put on hold last year when the Steve Wynn story played out nationally in

a well written and documented investigative report by the Wall Street Journal.

A Steve Wynn law suit attempting to stop the release of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s long awaited report on Wynn’s suitability is expected out sometime in April.

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A Command Performance by the Mayor’s Staff

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 5.47.24 PM
(Photo by Josh Resnek) Councilor Mike McLaughlin shown questioning the mayor’s employees about the troubles at the Wellness Center. From left: Councilor McLaughlin, Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery, City Solicitor Colleen Mejia, Human Resources Director Lara Wehbe Ammour, and Dr. Omar Easy.

Wellness Center Questions Go Unanswered

By Josh Resnek

Councilor Michael McLaughlin’s laudable attempt to get to the bottom of the difficulties both past and present facing the city’s out of control Wellness Center was met by derision and hostility by Dr. Omar Easy, Human Resources Director Lara Wehbe Ammour, and City Solicitor Colleen Mejia.

Watching the show and approving of it was the mayor.

Personnel matters can’t be discussed, they all said in their own inimitable way, while at the same time evading any responsibility for the goings on at the troubled Wellness Center.

One official yelled at McLaughlin and said she had offered to allow him to answer written out questions that he presented to her.

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Second Woman Comes forward Claiming Abuse at Wellness Center

By Josh Resnek 

An employee who left her job at the Wellness Center recently said she was mistreated, retaliated against, picked on, insulted and made to feel uncomfortable by her superiors for months until she was forced to leave.

“The place is out of control,” she told the Leader Herald.

She asked that her name be withheld for fear of retaliation.

She said she informed the mayor of the problems and Dr. Omar Easy. She said she
reached out to both the mayor and Easy, and to the head of human resources as well.

She said she told them all what she was experiencing and asked them to make things right at the Wellness Center.

“The people who run it are the mayor’s friends. They go away together. They party together. They know they can do whatever they want. They tormented me. I reported it. I wrote a letter to the mayor,” she said. Continue reading Second Woman Comes forward Claiming Abuse at Wellness Center