The mayor fights dirty

By Stephen Pinto

The mayor who is supposed to lead and set an example of good and honest government has lied to everyone with regards to Pope John.

He lied to the school committee, city council and Everett residents. He is not a person anyone should be looking up too.

Mayor DeMaria

If you’re interested in politics and basic human dignity don’t follow his lead.

He has taken taxpayer money for his own personal use. Four years of longevity payments amounted to $180,000 that he should not have received.

Fred Capone has repeatedly called receiving this money fraud and theft.

I agree with Capone.

Everett’s name is in the toilet with well-founded charges of racism and discrimination.

The mayor had to secretly hire a very expensive Boston law firm to defend himself and the city.

He’s been accused of sexual harassment. He’s involved in a lawsuit with the city clerk. He’s been involved in shady land deals. Why can’t he be truthful and transparent? Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change for an Everett politician?

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Close to Home

The difficulties a candidate for District Attorney of Suffolk County is right now having after it was revealed by the Boston Globe that Ricardo Arroyo, a Boston City Councilor was investigated for two incidents of possible sexual assault more than 16 years ago, hits very close to home.

Arroyo claims he does not recall being investigated or visited by police for the two incidents but records reveal he was in fact notified and investigated as the Globe reported.

He says he was never informed.

It would appear his difficulties recalling two serious incidents of possible sexual assault and the investigations which followed could derail his candidacy for district attorney.

It could cloud as well his future as a Boston City Councilor.

Here in Everett, we have a mayor who was revealed to have had a number of claims made against him by at least three women claiming possible sexual assault and harassment, and reported in detail in the Boston Globe in 2014.

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Mayor Accused of Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation

Guerline Alcy alleges sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation by Mayor Carlo DeMaria over 9 years of city hall employment.

By Josh Resnek

A former city employee who began her career as an executive assistant in the mayor’s office has detailed 9 years of sexual harassment, racial discrimination and retaliation by Mayor Carlo DeMaria during her employment with the city of Everett.

During an emotional two and half hour interview in the backyard of her Everett home with her husband nearby on August 1, Guerline Alcy detailed a toxic work environment at Everett City Hall she claimed existed from the time she began city service in 2012 until she left in 2021.

Alcy said she was hurt by the experience. Why didn’t she come forward earlier? Alcy said she put up with repeated acts of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation by
the mayor without going to authorities because she couldn’t afford to lose her job.

“I wish I told my husband earlier. I wish I made more noise. I was afraid to speak up. I’m not the only one afraid to speak up,” she said. “I couldn’t afford to lose my job.”

“I am not afraid any longer of speaking up,” she added

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Mayor Does Not Lead, He Controls; He Has No Shame, He Is The Bottom

By Josh Resnek

There is no shame with Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

There is no bottom to where he is sinking.

When Councilor Jimmy Le went down last week, the mayor rounded up his acolytes and prepared the typical backroom dealing that has become his hallmark.

The mayor understands sexual harassment better than most of us, having been involved in a number of rather difficult situations that don’t ever go away.

The mayor can’t make a truthful speech denouncing sexual harassment.

Weeks ago, he promised and announced an investigation into Anthony DiPierro’s racism.

To date, that investigation remains in play in words only, or so it appears.

Cathy Draine, the city’s Black equity chief who the mayor hired, has made no public comments about DiPierro.

Le is expendable. The mayor will not advocate for him as he has been advocating for DiPierro.

The mayor will let Le go down. He will support quiet efforts among his cadre to bring Le down.

He is likely urging his council lackeys to call for Le’s resignation.

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Mailing touches raw nerve

Mayoral election likely to be nasty, crude flier seems to be just the start


During deliveries around the city of our newspaper las week, the driver picked up a half dozen fliers that Everett residents received in the mail from individuals who asked him to look it over.

They all reported the fliers came in plain white envelopes with a Florida postmark with no return address.

The envelopes were addressed sloppily in longhand or printed on the front of the envelope.

The 8”x 11” flier presumably attacking the mayor’s record on sexual harassment calls for him to step aside.

In large black Roman bold lettering, the following appears at the top of the flier: #Him-Too?

DeMaria is written across the top of the flier above that.

The flier calls for the mayor to step aside. It asks for an independent independent investigation.

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