As Covid-19 rages in city, mayor was in Aruba

Who pays for Caribbean trips questions linger


When the mayor travels to Aruba, he most often stays at the Ritz-Carlton, one of the island’s most prestigious and expensive hotels.

An average room rental begins at $800, with suites and larger units renting for $1500 to $2500 a night.

The resort facility features a casino, among other luxuries.

In the past, the mayor has been questioned by some of his opponents about whether or not he pays for the accommodations, or whether supporters pay for him.

During the past two years, he has taken as many as five vacations in Aruba and has stayed at the Ritz-Carlton.

In addition, it is a part of Everett political folklore that for many years, the mayor’s flights were paid for by others who purchased the tickets for him.

Since the mayor has been investigated by the FBI (an open-ended investigation that has not yet been concluded), insiders claim he has become more careful about using his campaign account or allegedly unreported donations made by close supporters to pay for his flights and his suite rental.

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— Eye on Everett —

Bullying Tactics

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM

By Josh Resnek

I filed a news story on page 1 of this week’s Leader Herald detailing a meeting of a city council committee hearing.

The hearing was disastrous for the mayor and for Councilor Mike McLaughlin.

An outsider watching this meeting would have been shocked.

The mayor’s demeanor was so hostile and aggressive, so angry and desperate.

The mayor belittled McLaughlin. He was angry with McLaughlin, just a touch away from the appearance of violence…and it is hardly a coincidence the mayor made a lunge at McLaughlin’s desk while the councilor was trying to make a point.

McLaughlin ordered him away.

After a pause, the mayor retreated.

But the point was made, I think to nearly everyone watching.

He is a bully, a straight up bully who takes pleasure in making others feel uncomfortable or most of those working him to feel like they could be fired at any moment – by him, on a whim because he’s a bully.

That’s how a bully acts. That’s how he acts.

He persecuted McLaughlin. He tyrannized him. He tormented him. He browbeat him. He intimidated him.