Online Betting OK’D In Last Minute Deal

Photo by Jim Mahoney

By Josh Resnek

A last-minute deal the House and Senate worked out during an all night session that went into Monday morning allows both
in-person and online sports wagering, including some college games, and sets up the Gaming Commission as the regulatory body overseeing the practice.

The bill sailed through each branch Monday morning and now sits on Governor Charlie Baker’s desk.

He has 10 days to act on the legislation.

Governor Baker has consistently maintained he will sign the bill into law.

After years and years of stops and starts, online wagering will become a reality here.

The state expects to reap the benefit of hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenues.

For the Wynn folks who own and run Encore, sports betting online will be a windfall – a powerful, steady, rich stream of new money coming in without the need of building a new facility.

When you can place your first bet is anyone’s guess.

The Senate’s chief budget writer, Sen. Michael Rodrigues, told reporters Monday that betting could “hopefully” start in time for the fall football season, according to a report carried by MassLive.

“Yeah, I think it will be,” the Westport Democrat said when asked if sports betting will be up and running in time for football season.

“Hopefully. You can bet on in-state football teams, so you can bet on the Patriots.”

Casinos and online betting companies hailed the law’s passage as a win for the state and Massachusetts residents.

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Big Papi

The induction into Baseball’s Hall of Fame of David Ortiz was a giant moment for baseball and for the Boston Red Sox and for all of us who watched many of his finest moments during a long a grand career.

His first round induction into the Hall of Fame says a great deal about Big Papi’s stature as well as his popularity.

He was, in every way, what baseball fans and sports fans all over the world regard as a clutch ball player.

He wielded an explosive bat. He hit over 500 homeruns and he led the Red Sox to world championships.

Big Papi at bat during a critical moment of a big game rarely disappointed the fans or himself.

His unlikely rise from abject poverty in the Dominican Republic to become one of the greatest baseball players of his time should prove as an inspiration to many younger ballplayers trying to make it.

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FUN-damental Basketball Camp Open to Boys, Girls in Local Area

The FUN-damental Basketball Camp, open to boys and girls in local area cities and towns, will be held July 25 to July 29, 2022 at the Immaculate Conception Parish Center, located at 51 Summer Street in Everett.

The camp will be held between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:00 pm for boys and girls entering grades 3 thru 8 as of September, 2022. The cost of the camp is $100.

Tony Ferullo, boys’ varsity basketball coach at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden, will be the Director of the camp.

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Football in the spring

The only thing better about high school, Crimson Tide football in the winter is Crimson Tide football in the Spring.

Spring football is where it is at for the Crimson Tide.

It has been a long time coming and no one, we repeat, no one, can recall a season since the 1890s when football was cut short or eliminated entirely as it was last winter because of the pandemic.

Even during the pandemic of 1918, Crimson Tide football was not canceled.

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The Patriots and the Tide

We have had a wide variety of heated discussions with Patriots sports fans about the season to date.

Inarguably, this is the worst season in 20 years – and the season isn’t half over, yet.

The Patriots just don’t have it.

Cam Newton is not Tom Brady.

Brady playing with Gronk adds insult to injury during a season when Julian Edelman can’t get open, when the offensive line can’t move the ball into the red zone, when the defense has all but fallen to pieces.

Frankly, this season is the stuff of disaster. It is terrifying to think the remainder of the season might be worse than its beginning.

Now comes into this mix a season without Crimson Tide championship football.

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