The DiDomenico family feeling proud of their father, husband and gentleman

Senator Sal shown on inauguration day at the State House with his wife, Tricia, his two sons, Sal to the left of his father and Matthew, to the right of his mother. And lest we should forget, there’s the Senate President in the center, Karen Spilka.

By Josh Resnek

Sal’s kids were toddlers when he first got elected to the State Senate.

They are no longer toddlers, but strong, good looking young men with their lives stretching before them like an endless dream.

Matthew is a senior at Everett High School heading to college.

He, like his brother Sal, an Everett High School junior, has spent his entire school experience in the Everett Public Schools.

Matthew doesn’t yet know where he will attend college, but it will be a finer institution as he is an honors student and a member of the National Honor Society, and a bright young man interested in his community, his friends, and his family.

“I think he will tend to gravitate to the law,” his father said of his son Matthew Monday afternoon.

“He’s a great, great kid,” he added with pride and humility.

“He and his brother have flourished in the public schools of Everett. We’re a public school family. My boys have been well served by their teachers, their principals and by the system itself during their journey.”

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By Josh Resnek

Representative Joe McGonagle drubbed Councilor Mike Marchese by a near 3-1 margin in Tuesday’s citywide balloting.

In a race that was never in doubt, McGonagle succeeded in besting Marchese, the first Independent candidate in years.

Marchese conceded early to McGonagle.

“I wish him the best,” Marchese said of McGonagle to the Leader Herald.

Marchese will continue his term as councilor at large.

McGonagle won’t miss a step in his Beacon Hill victory dance when he’s sworn in again in January.

The rest of the Massachusetts political scene offered no surprises – no hit, no runs, and no errors.

With Maura Healey, Massachusetts has its first gay woman governor.

She won convincingly.

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McGonagle v Marchese

The Only Political Race To Follow On Nov. 7

By Josh Resnek

The local rep race between incumbent Joe McGonagle and challenger Mike Marchese takes central stage as we approach election day.

It is the only contest between two well known local politicians, one, McGonagle, who is on a substantial winning streak, and the other, Marchese, who is trying to end McGonagle’s winning streak.

To this point in time, the campaign has been dominated by Marchese’s effort to power himself over McGonagle with his name recognition, his recent finish top ping the ticket on the city council where he is a councilor at large and with emphasizing with full page advertisements in the Leader Herald that he can’t be bought, doesn’t represent special interests and does not walk in a lock step with the mayor.

To date, McGonagle has not been highly visible.

He tends to do his business on the Hill, and to keep a low profile, which has been his recipe for success.

McGonagle signs are noted throughout the city, and it is expected his signage will be boosted in the next four weeks before the election.

Marchese has put up about 75 signs. He has been receiving calls for signs, he told the Leader Herald.

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McLaughlin driving hard for Rep seat


Councilor Mike McLaughlin, a candidate for the rep seat in the primary only 30 days away, published a detailed road map of how and what he hopes to achieve as the city’s rep.

“I pledge transparency and self-accountability,” he wrote. “You have a right to know about all of my votes. I am proud to work for you, the people of Everett. You can depend, trust and count on me to be your voice.

McLaughlin faces the incumbent rep in a September primary now only 30 days away.

McLaughlin has pledged to hold his seat on the city council if he is elected rep.

This means he would hold both positions until the next city election when he would step aside.

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Everett needs independent Rep’s voice on Beacon Hill

Campaign signs for the State Rep battle are popping up all over Everett. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Too much outside sourced money in play currently


Our Beacon Hill rep since 2015 is a nice enough fellow. But then, why shouldn’t he be?

He is owned lock, stock and barrel by the mayor.

If he was ordered by the mayor to go to the top of Sal Sacro’s building in the square and told to jump, he’d ask the mayor: “Head first or feet first?”

You have to wonder who the Rep is actually representing on Beacon Hill?

Is it the people of Everett? Private interests? What Councilor Mike Marchese has called the Demaria Crime Family?

When you come right down to it, is he representing only and mainly himself?

Arguably, the best way to measure his value to the community is to look at his campaign finance reports as filed with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

When you follow the money, you can usually find the answer to that question.

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