A debt I can never repay

Author thanks first responders for saving his life


Saturday, March 20th began like any other Saturday during a year of COVID.

I made breakfast for my mother.

APRIL 5: Everett Fire Engine 3 responds to a call. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

I made certain she had her morning medications. I helped my mom to get dressed and to be ready for the day.

A few days before, on the 16th of March, she turned 94 years.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and I ate some buttered toast.

My appetite didn’t feel too hearty that day less than one month ago.

Later that morning, I was feeling sick to my stomach.

I didn’t know really what to do. I went back to bed.

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Thinking out loud


What does transitioning the Everett Fire Department mean? What is the mayor trying to do with the Fire Department? Why isn’t the Fire Chief resisting the change?
Reduction in staffing instead of hiring as promised? Closing stations?

Not purchasing or upgrading equipment or stations? Slower response time?
What effect if any would it have on mutual aid? Reduction or longer wait times for inspections? Putting lives at risk?

One slow year in fatal fires is great news but it should not automatically result in cutbacks or changes in operation.

If we turn our back on the fire department, there will be fatalities and injuries.

A city with a growing population and housing is not the time to take chances.

Too many Everett homes are built close together, easily allowing a fire to spread.

If we have firehouses responding to multiple injury or illness calls. what happens if a major fire were to then break out in the city? What if a second broke out at the same time? Ambulance calls can easily take up to twenty-thirty minutes while the patient is being assessed.

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Has our image, reputation been tainted?


Interesting how the administration is having trouble attracting qualified professional people to fill top city jobs.

Has the word been passed around to stay clear of Everett and the current mayor?

Is this possible?

Yes, it is.

It is more than possible. It is likely.

We need someone to head the library system.

We need a planning board director.

We are missing a Director of Elections during, of all years, a citywide election year.

This position is absolutely crucial.

We also lost the head of engineering who also was in charge of the DPW.

He has been replaced but that was in-house. No search necessary.

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Cable monopoly bad like every monopoly


Everett certainly needs competition in the cable/internet world.

We thought maybe RCN was it. So far RCN service doesn’t come close to matching Xfinity.

It has failed in customer service, equipment, and tech support.

Long wait times on the phone.

Many equipment exchanges and several tech support visits and no success.

But their techs are well mannered, polite, and courteous.

This is the way it should be in the first place.

Overall this is not good for the Everett consumer – of which there are thousands all trying to deal with the same deficiencies.

The lack of competition and support puts Xfinity in the driver’s seat. Especially when it comes to our elderly population.

The elderly, more so than most of us who are younger, are held hostage to rising costs and the daily failure to perform as required.

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Liars, age cheaters need to get back in line


Are you aware that people under 65 are lying about having underlying conditions?

Of course, you are.

But what are we to do in a society where it is every man and woman for themselves?

Go into a Walgreens and get vaccinated. No questions asked no proof needed.

Just another reason to have shortages and more importantly, gross, indifferent, scandalous inequities.

I think that’s pretty low on the humanity scale.

Those lining up and faking their way to get a vaccine shot are very likely to be taking a shot away from someone that really needs one.

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