Where did we go wrong?

By Stephen Pinto

The casino recently pulled in record revenues, yet Everett taxpayers have seen a substantial increase in property taxes without further payments to the city from Encore. The situation is only going to get more painful.

Can’t say I see any real improvements in the city, either esthetically or operationally as a result of Encore’s presence.

It appears the mayor, council and the administration were short sighted on Wynn’s potential earnings.

Everyone also underestimated the mayor’s extravagant spending habits.

Wynn executives are laughing all the way to the bank while Everett taxpayers and renters are taking it on the chin.

The mayor totally blew it when negotiating Wynn’s host agreement. Let’s hope he gets it right the second time around. Should the mayor and council continue their ways of spending, then it won’t matter. There will never be a host agreement sufficient enough to satisfy the taxpayers.

It’s time for the council to take a serious stand against runaway spending.

Now let’s play stack the deck.

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School debacle about mayor wanting things his way or no way all the time

The mayor wants modular (above) over brick and mortar.

By Stephen Pinto

The mess of finding additional school space (modular’s) has now been dumped in the mayor’s lap where it belongs.

Everett’s school mess has been years in the making as the administration turned a blind eye to overcrowding.

The administration was more focused on sucking up to Steve Wynn and building a casino than in eradicating overcrowding.

We were told by our politicians that Everett taxpayers basically struck gold with Wynn.

Well that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you have to take $7 million dollars of free cash to hold the line on taxes you know something is wrong.

That $7 million dollars could be put to better use for so many other issues in the city.

I’ll say it again.

The City Councilors needs to do their job.

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The mayor fights dirty

By Stephen Pinto

The mayor who is supposed to lead and set an example of good and honest government has lied to everyone with regards to Pope John.

He lied to the school committee, city council and Everett residents. He is not a person anyone should be looking up too.

Mayor DeMaria

If you’re interested in politics and basic human dignity don’t follow his lead.

He has taken taxpayer money for his own personal use. Four years of longevity payments amounted to $180,000 that he should not have received.

Fred Capone has repeatedly called receiving this money fraud and theft.

I agree with Capone.

Everett’s name is in the toilet with well-founded charges of racism and discrimination.

The mayor had to secretly hire a very expensive Boston law firm to defend himself and the city.

He’s been accused of sexual harassment. He’s involved in a lawsuit with the city clerk. He’s been involved in shady land deals. Why can’t he be truthful and transparent? Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change for an Everett politician?

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The Politicians Stole Christmas, Again

By Stephen Pinto

With all of Everett’s growth our taxes are still going to increase.

It’s clear now that the city council will never cut wasteful spending from the mayor’s budget.

After approving a one million dollar boat house to be built on the Malden river there is a good reason to begin looking more closely at expenditures and what makes sense to do and what does not.

The mayor and the city council need to start looking at spending in a much more serous and sensible manner.

Such as do we need it or is it just a nice thing to have.

Do we really need a boat house or is it nice to have?

Clearly the answer is we don’t need it. We can and will function quite well without it.

Did we need millions of dollars in decorative street lighting?

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Everett’s Snake Pit

By Stephen Pinto

Call it what you will. Snake pit or rat hole. Everett politics and its politicians are comfortable right at home in their nest.

Everett politics are dirtier than a reused hypodermic needle.

The bold faced corruption and how they protect each other is disgusting.

If you’re a politician in Everett then you automatically can’t be trusted to do the peoples’ business.

Everett politicians do their own business or do as the mayor tells them to do.

Everett politics tarnishes everything it comes in contact with. It corrupts and rots the soul.

Someone needs to completely dismantle city hall and it’s cast of backward, scared, incompetent and downright stupid politicians.

They should all resign. Hopefully they are better at shuffle board or basket weaving.

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