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Steve Wynn Called

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By Josh Resnek

Think about that.

Steve Wynn called me out of the blue on Monday.

“What did you think of the opening of the casino?” he asked me. “Spectacular in every way,” I answered.

“Yes,” he said, “Matt and all the others really pulled it together, didn’t they?

“Quite frankly, Steve, everyone is blown away by Wynn Resort’s talents, for the company’s ability to get the job done.”

“Quite a company I built, isn’t it, Josh?

“You got that right, Steve!”

“Back to the opening…were you there, Josh?”

“Couldn’t make it, Steve. I was in Pam Beach visiting my sister.” “I watched clips of it on television. Your boy Carlos the mayor paid homage to you, Steve.”

Yes. Carlos said wonderful words. He said he remained loyal to me in front of that huge crowd. He even cried! I thought that was a bit much. I didn’t realize how theatrical he can get.”

Steve laughed.

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As Mass Gaming Considers Wynn Suitability, An Unresolved Sexual Harassment Case Continues

By Walter Pavlo
Special to the Leader Herald

Wynn Resorts is nearing completion of its $2.6 billion casino here that is scheduled to open in June 2019 …. that is IF Wynn Resorts is found suitable to hold a gaming license in Massachusetts.

Starting this week, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) will start to look at details of its investigation into sexual harassment actions and coverup of those actions by senior executives at Wynn.

The investigation was launched after a Wall Street Journal report detailed years of sexual harassment allegations at Wynn, mostly by its co-founder and CEO, Steve Wynn. Multi million dollar settlements with former female employees at Wynn and decades of inaction by senior staff led the Nevada Gaming Control Board to levy a fine of $20 million against Wynn, the largest ever in Nevada state gaming history.

Central in Nevada’s decision to allow Wynn to continue to have a license was its recognition of the significant changes the company made since Mr. Wynn’s departure (changed name of project in Boston, new board members, more women on board, sexual harassment policies, training, etc.). Continue reading As Mass Gaming Considers Wynn Suitability, An Unresolved Sexual Harassment Case Continues


Rather Than Fighting to Lose, MGC Settles

By Josh Resnek

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission decided to settle the lawsuit Steve Wynn has against them in the District Court of Nevada last week.

The new chair of the Gaming Commission, Attorney Cathy Judd-Stein, apparently led the private proceedings with her colleagues and fellow commissioners behind closed doors to a new conclusion – that

Wynn could not be beaten and so, a settlement must take place. The decision followed five hours of debate by the commission which is seeking to release its investigative report on Steve Wynn and Wynn Resorts in order to meet as to the company’s suitability to hold a license.

What the decision does is allow the report to be released but in a redacted fashion.

Wynn has contested the report and its findings claiming they are based on illegally used client–lawyer privileged materials.

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(Photo by Joseph Prezioso) The view of Encore Boston Harbor from as seen from Sweetser Circle.

The Leader Herald presents to our followers the following discussion between Mayor Carlo DeMaria and former Wynn Chief Counsel Kim Sinatra.

Sinatra was fired after the Steve Wynn sexual harassment fiasco as well as a number of the Board of Directors of the company.

In this discussion, Sinatra and the mayor discuss the money considerations of the casino deal destined to change the face of the city. Ask yourself, is this how the fate of Everett or of any city should be discussed by people who ought to know better? You be the judge. Continue reading DISCUSSION BETWEEN MAYOR DEMARIA AND WYNN CHIEF COUNSEL KIM SINATRA

Wynn Sued for Pressuring Business to End its Lease

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(Photo by Josh Resnek) Shown above is the building at 36 Mystic Street just 100 yards from the front door of the casino. The business owner leasing the building claims Wynn Resorts has joined with his landlord to interfere with his business by trying to break his lease.

By Josh Resnek

The Wynn Company is being sued for $9.6 million plus attorneys’ fees for intentional interference by an Everett business for allegedly attempting to force the car repair company from extending its lease with the property located at 36 Mystic Street.

A&R Realty Trust, the owner of the property across from the casino, has housed ADH Collision for the past four years.

According to Rocco Vigorito, the landlord at 36 Mystic Street, ADH Collision’s lease allows occupancy through October, 2019 and with extensions, until 2029.

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