The Monster inside the corner office has got to go

SEPTEMBER 12: Early voting at City Hall sign on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

By Steve Pinto

Let’s face it, many politicians’ popularity is built on handing out jobs to friends and family. Handing out jobs is the equivalent of securing lifetime votes. Inventing job titles, as Carlo DeMari has done, in order to employ more friends and family and hand out higher wages is what makes him tick.

Appointing friends and family to commissions and boards without an interest in their qualifications, awarding no-bid contracts to favored contractors and developers in return for benefits, and cozying up to the unions and everyone else when you care nothing for them is what this mayor is all about.

When we allow a politician to become too powerful that’s when arrogance sets in.

The abuse of power begins. And things begin to get very dirty very quickly.
Now that the DeMaria monster has been created. It’s difficult to destroy it.

But nothing is impossible.

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Mayor tightens his grip

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria.


With elections less than a year away, the mayor is already positioning himself for another term at city hall.

First with forty thousand dollars a year of political rhetoric being mailed to Everett residents at taxpayer expense. Thanks to Councilor Fred Capone for attempting to putting the brakes on this.

The mayor should pay out of pocket for his own political propaganda – not the taxpayers.

His power grab continues. The majority of the City Council has relinquished most of its power to the mayor years ago.

Now it is basically just a rubber stamp for the administration.

A few months back, the mayor gained control of the library system. He set his sights on the library board of trustees and removed them all. He made new hires. Every one of them presumably donates to his campaign. Now he’s made himself a voting member of the school committee.

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What about traffic and Everything else?


By Steven Pinto
Leader Herald Contributor

First let me start off by saying I voted in favor of the casino. I did so based on what our politicians were saying. Lower taxes, jobs, cleaning up of toxic land and a financial wind fall to the city of Everett.

It appears at this point that residents will never see a lower tax rate. Were residents mis-lead? I would have to say yes.

Is it going to be a windfall for Everett? That remains to be seen. If the casino payments to Everett are not budgeted correctly, nothing will change.

Will the mayor begin to pad the budget with lavish pay raises? Will additional friends and family be hired on the city payroll? Will the council allow a powerful mayor do as he sees fit with the casino payments?

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Quiet Everett Man With a Studied Point of View

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 6.01.29 PM.png
Shown above is Steven Pinto, local man about town, observer of the goings on in city government and occasional commentator in the Leader Herald. He has lived in Everett since 1996.

By Josh Resnek

During the past 6 months, Everett resident Steven Pinto has published a number of thoughtful and incisive op-ed pieces in the Leader Herald.

All the pieces drew a large response from readers, from some local officials and from an abundance of taxpayers.

For an Everett guy who claims not to be a writer, who finds writing hard and something not done whimsically, when he puts his pen to the paper he says something, it is noticed, and it is talked about.

He has written about city spending, taxes, burdens, and local politics.

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