By Josh Resnek

A huge pile driving effort is ongoing on
the former Stop and Shop site. (Photo by Wil Vasquez)

Dozens of pieces of heavy construction equipment and hundreds of excavation experts, foundation professionals, cement pourers and pipe and drain layers, are working furiously on tight schedules preparing two major building sites on the Revere Beach Parkway for another 1,400 units of upscale apartment housing.

The twin developments represent about $750 million or more in new construction worth tens of millions in new tax revenues, hundreds of millions in wages paid and goods purchased, with the final result, another major league addition to the city’s housing stock.

Thousands of new units have been here during the past decade, with the bulk of the new construction coming during the past five years.

The new construction has changed the face of the city.

It has modernized the city’s aging housing stock dramatically, so much so, that some projects, especially along the Parkway, have reinvented the city as it faces a bold new era.

The past is prologue in Everett during this decade.

The profusion of new capital being invested here in housing has turned the image of the city upside down.

There are an estimated 3,000 -5,000 new residents living here as a result of the building development boom.


Does Everett need a supermarket or is the Market Basket too far away?

By Josh Resnek

Quite a number of public speakers at the recent council meeting all agreed – Everett needs a super market of its own.

Now that the Stop and Shop is closed and fading into the dustbin of local history, many voices have risen locally to complain.

“Why doesn’t Everett have a super market or Everett needs a supermarket.”

McKinnon’s is a great local market but it isn’t Stop and Shop and it certainly isn’t the Market Basket.

Hundreds of new units are being built on the former Stop and Shop site.

As many as 700, I think, are being built right there on that spit of land on the Parkway.

What, I wonder, and many who spoke before the council wondered as well, would it take to incorporate a supermarket into the general scheme of a 700 unit development?

Some years back a development just off Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge of hundreds of units included a Star Market on the bottom floor and hundreds of units all around.

What was the point?

Everyone living in those apartments had a place to shop. Everett could use just such a supermarket in the midst of thousands of new units going up off the Parkway.

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Its Only Major Supermarket, Everett Loses Stop & Shop

Photo by Joe Resnek

By Josh Resnek

Call it the end of a supermarket era in the city of Everett. Call it what you will.

The closing down of the Stop and Shop on the Revere Beach Parkway on the cusp of a titanic size wave of new residential units going up, leaves the city without a major super market.

At the same time the numbers of new residents living here is rising rapidly, the city’s only supermarket is closing down.

This is a final, fitful gasp for major supermarkets in the city.

While thousands of new units of real estate have come on line in the past decade and thousands more are coming to completion or are in the line for development, the city has lost its only major supermarket – with no new supermarkets in sight.

Everett Stop & Shop was put on death watch months back.

Now its time has come.

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Stop and Shop strike proves Power of union even today

A union employee shields his face during a recent protest by Stop & Shop employees. (Photo by Lorenzo Recupero)

Union membership isn’t what it used to be years ago when our nation was a far different place than it is today.

In recent decades, union membership has fallen, although in Massachusetts, union membership remains higher than in most other parts of the nation.

The settling of the Stop and Shop strike, which lasted two weeks, is the surest sign that union membership still means something when push comes to shove and everyone in the union is willing to sacrifice their pay to get what they want and need out of a contract.

The past two weeks has been a public relations and business disaster for Stop and Shop.

When the strike was settled over the weekend following lengthy deliberations, it was a victory for both sides.

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Senator DiDomenico Joins Stop & Shop Workers on Picket Line

Stop & Shop 2
Senator Sal DiDomenico joins Stop and Shop workers on strike.

Senator Sal DiDomenico recently joined Stop and Shop workers in the United Food and Commercial Workers Union 1445 in Everett and Revere on their picket lines in front of their stores.

On April 12th, 31,000 Stop and Shop workers went on strike across New England for a fair wage, affordable and accessible healthcare, and a reliable retirement plan.

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