— Eye on Everett —

Get Well, Papi!

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By Josh Resnek

My wife and I have a dear friend who has been fighting uterine cancer for the past five years.

Five years ago, when it was first discovered, it almost did her in.

This is a vibrant 63 year old mother and school teacher. She is tri- lingual. She teaches in the Lynn School system at Lynn English High School.

From the start, she fought the death sentence with a passion.

Five years later, she is still fighting.

No matter how good the folks are at MHG in Boston, the uterine cancer she carries can never be erased. It can only be controlled.

Fast forward to last week.

Our dear friend’s numbers were up, meaning the cancer had grown more active again.

An intervention was needed.

My wife drove her into Boston for a round of chemo treatments at MGH. Everything went well. Her numbers have dropped dramatically. She is readying right now for a trip to Europe with her daughter, who happens to be my daughter’s best friend and a student at University of Southern California.

“After my chemo treatments you won’t believe who I ran into on my recovery ward?” she told us when we visited the next day.

“David Ortiz!”

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