The End of Summer

This week marks the end of summer.

As August turns to September, nearly all of us who have spent our lives in New England lament the passing of summer.

Summers are short. Our memories of some summers are lifelong.

There have been summers when we fell in love, when we fell out of love, when we roared in our youth at parties and summer style bashes, and there were summers when we couldn’t get up for any- thing, when we were sick, or recovering from illness or from the death of a love one.

There is not telling what a summer holds until it is done.

The summer of 2022 is done.

It is finished.

We waited all winter and spring for summer and then it just vanished, just like that, with the snap of a finger.

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Sizzling and Baking with No End in Sight


By Josh Resnek

Last Friday, the temperature hit 100 degrees in Everett.

Monday, it hit 102.

It was a fairly incredible moment as this writer couldn’t recall a day during the past 30 years when the temperature hit 100.

I was taking a cruise around Everett when I noticed in my car the outside temperature indicator said: 100.


That is hot. That is uncomfortable. If you’ve been running air conditioning, that is expensive with a monster bill coming at the end of August.

This followed days of above 90 temperatures during what has become one of the hottest and most uncomfortable summers in recent decades.

Just a hot streak, you say?

Is it global warming and climate change?

Whatever it is, it is turning out to be deadly for nearly everything green.

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Steaming It Up On A Hot Summer Day

Photo by Josh Resnek

By Josh Resnek

For weeks I had been wanting a New England summer treat – the kind my father loved, which I came to love, and frankly, which I cannot do without at least several times during an average summer.

I’m talking steamers and clam chowder.

I know. I know. Clam chowder can often be so disappointing.

Steamers, however, always manage to please.

Over the weekend, my wife and I ate at the Barnicle on Marblehead Harbor. I’ve been eating there all my life.

It isn’t the grandest of New England waterfront restaurant venues but it is solid.

The chowder was solid.

What does that mean?

It wasn’t all gouged out of a can and heated up and served as a homemade treat. The chowder was, and has always been, specially made. In recent years, the chowder has gotten better and better at the Barnicle.

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It’s the dead of summer

July 1: Stephanie Remino of Richies Slush serves some of the renowned treats on the Parkway. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)


We are at that point in the summer of 2022 when there is just as much summer in front of us as there is behind us.

For New Englanders who live all winter and who wait for this exact moment, well, there is no end to the great mental rush this moment causes.

Right now, it feels as though summer will last forever, that there is nothing in front of us but warm days and nights, a carefree existence with summer wear, short sleeves, sneakers, and trips to the pool, the beach, the mountains, or just hang- ing out and enjoying the hell out of it.

A month from now, we will begin counting the days and weeks until the summer ends. We will begin lamenting the end of summer. This proves how momentary our delirium about summer lasting forever can tend to be.

Summer is here one moment. It is gone in another.

Right now, however, the summer is in its full blush.

Throughout the city, the summer blush is everywhere.

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Summer Demands Salad Simplicity

By Josh Resnek

Hot meals always have their place.

But simple salad solutions for a groaning stomach require an added touch during the summer months.

Let’s face it, salads are super if you like them.

If you can’t get a salad down or don’t consider it proper for a lunch, then don’t read this.

I am always searching for the quickest, most delicious and sensible salad options during the summer months.

I don’t like to spend longer than 10-12 minutes putting together a quick treat. I like to also keep down the cost. It is a game in certain ways.

The salad concoction accompanying this article as shown with a photograph is a feast, if you ask me.

All you need is Arugula and iceberg lettuce, shards of fresh white onion, one avocado sliced properly, sliced cherry tomatoes that are sweet and zesty with juice and flavor and the meat additive.

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