The Summer of 2019 Gone Just Like That

We wait all winter for the spring and then for the summer only to find that in 8 weeks, the summer has come and gone just like that, like with the snap of a finger.

The summer of 2019 flew by.

The major mark this summer in the life and times of the city was about the biggest event in the city’s history.

The opening of the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel is unequalled as a summer event in this city.

It was the summer of the coming of the casino and hotel.

It was the summer when a city within the city was created, when 5200 employees were hired, when millions in new revenues began pouring into the city treasury.

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Richie’s Classic Italian Ice

By Joseph Prezioso

If you’re a kid in town, or you grew up in Everett, you know that no summer is complete without a few scoops of slush from Richie’s.

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A Tropical Weekend

The centerpiece sculpture (above) of The 16th Annual International Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach this past weekend. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Joseph Prezioso

Thousands of people attended and packed Revere Beach this weekend turning it into a Caribbean party. With giant sand sculptures abound, tropical drinks, Hawaiian shirts, music, sunshine and coconuts, Revere Beach resembled an island beach party. All that was missing was palm trees and 80 degree water.

The beach become a mix of traditional beach culture and tourism. While some beach goers just baked in the sun, others were awed by the sand sculptors. The sculptors themselves get better every year, with pieces that are better in both detail and size.

This year’s centerpiece creation honored the 50th anniversary of the United States moon landing and included a large Saturn V rocket as well as astronauts.

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Sand Sculpting Beach Fun

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 8.04.28 PM.png
Sculptors working on their creations. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Joseph Prezioso

This weekend the Revere International Sand Sculpting Festival returns for the 16th year to Revere beach. The festival opens this Friday the 26th and runs through Sunday the 28th.

Artist from around the world will be on hand creating their masterpieces starting Thursday on the beach.

Viewing is free to the public.

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Bike Sharing Gaining More Traction

image1 (2).jpeg
BlueBikes (above) are the newest bike-sharing option in the city. (Photo by Lorenzo Recupero)

By Lorenzo Recupero

During this time last summer it was LimeBikes that had turned the city green. Stacked on almost every corner and rolling down every street was a LimeBike. This time around, BlueBikes are the new wheels on the block.

BlueBikes, a public bike share program offered through a collaboration between Hubway and Blue Cross Blue Shield, is the trendy new way to get around town on two wheels. The Blue colored bikes are located in over 200 docking stations in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville and of course now here in Everett.

You may have noticed some of those newly- placed grey colored docking stations around the city, including multiple on Main Street, Ferry Street and Broadway. There is also a single location on Norman street.

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