New assistant approved for new superintendent

By Josh Resnek

A request for an assistant to the superintendent from the new superintendent Priya Tahiliani was approved unanimously by the School Committee during Monday night’s meeting.

The job does not need to be advertised.

Tahiliani will be choosing her assistant without interference from the School Committee.

A salary for the new employee was not publicly discussed but will likely come up for discussion.

Whether or not the new assistant will receive a  contract is another matter, although it is likely the School Committee must interview Tahiliani’s choice and then vote to hire her and to create a contract.

This new hire slightly complicates Tahiliani’s official March 1 starting date.

First of all, acting superintendent Janice Gauthier has announced she is not leaving until school ends in June.

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Are two supers better than one?

By Josh Resnek

If all goes according to School Committee plans, Everett will have two superintendents serving the public school system at the same time when Priya Tahiliani takes over on March 1.

The plan, apparently, is for acting superintendent Janice Gauthier to remain in her position side by side with Tahiliani until school lets out late in June.

“Many people inside the school system are wondering how this is going to work,” said a source who wished to remain unnamed.

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The new superintendent attending mid-term festivities a good sign

Priya Tahiliani, the newly elected Superintendent of the Everett Public Schools was one of the main distinguished guests to attend the festivities Monday night at city hall.

Her appearance is very likely a sure sign of much bigger and better things to come from her administration of the public schools when it begins.

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New superintendent will chart her own course

By Josh Resnek

Now that Priya Tahiliani has been chosen to be the first superintendent of the Everett Public Schools during the past 30 years, a wide variety of educational and political questions about what form and shape her leadership will take are brewing.

Tahiliani is to this date playing her cards pretty straight.

She has not revealed to anyone within the present school system exactly what she will seek to do in implementing her administration of the schools.

This leaves many of the key players in the system, including those who were not interviewed for the superintendent’s position, wondering what the future may hold for them – as well as for the system.

Acting Superintendent Janet Gauthier will, in all likelihood, be retiring when her term ends, which is expected to be the exact day Tahiliani’s term begins.

When that will be is a guess but most indicators point to a March or April date when her contract has been negotiated and decided and she has expressed a desire to take over.

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Tahiliani chosen superintendent of schools by choice committee

By Josh Resnek

The Superintendent Choice Committee voted unanimously last week to choose a Boston School administrator Priya Tahiliana as the head of Everett’s public schools beginning most likely in September, 2020.

If contract negotiations go smoothly, it is expected she could take the position at the end of March or April – or the process might not unfold as quickly and she will start near to the end of the school year 2019.

Tahiliana’s contract will likely be in the $200,000 range with a host of smaller perks including an automobile allowance.

Tahiliani becomes only the second permanent superintendent of schools here in the past 30 years.

She will head a school system that has a growing population of students now over 7,000 and a compliment of 600 teachers as well as a bevy of school administrators.

The finalization of her candidacy and her election as superintendent has aided in calming down the system wide reluctance to accept change until the change had finally been decided on.

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