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Who Will be the Next Superintendent of Schools?

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By Josh Resnek

If everything being discussed turns out to occur in a timely fashion, there will be a new superintendent of public schools in Everett by December 31.

It is incredible to think that such a selection process can be managed and successfully completed in so short a time during this age of mind numbing bureaucracy.

The feeling some months back was that there needed to be a worldwide search if necessary to find someone, anyone, from very far away, with no connection to this city, its parents or its students and teachers, to lead the school department in the three years to come.

Over the months of inertia, a somewhat altered view has emerged among a number of the school committee members.

There is now the belief shared a by a number of school committee members that maybe Everett needs continuity more than someone new, knowing professionals who understand the city and its needs, rather than say, some from Santa Fe who comes here and very possibly never attends a football game at Everett Memorial Stadium or comes to know the difference between Glendale and Everett Squares.

Why the change of heart by some school committee members even before the process has played itself out?

Because these thinking members of the school committee understand something about the status quo here.

The status quo here is a pretty good situation for nearly everyone involved.

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Mrs. Gauthier Tossing hat into ring;Will apply for Superintendent’s Job

By Josh Resnek

Acting Superintendent of Schools Janet Gauthier is apparently set to place her name in nomination to become the next full time superintendent of schools in Everett, according to a number of School Department officials, all of whom wished to remain unnamed.

Mrs. Gauthier is the longest serving administrative employee in the Everett Public School System, with about 40 years of service.

She was named acting superintendent unanimously some months back when the former superintendent resigned.

During this time, she has steered the School Department on a true course without rancor or controversy.

Observers of the School Department all agree, “She’s done a great job.”

In recent days, Mrs. Gauthier is said to have reached out to a number of School Committee members indicating that she will be placing her name in the mix of superintendent hopefuls.

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Who Votes for the new Superintendent?

Should the present School Committee vote for the new superintendent when that time arrives sometime in September or October, or should the new School Committee that convenes after the election vote for the new superintendent?

This is a question the School Committee must ask itself and then act upon if the superintendent choice process is to be construed as fair as it can be.

There are right now at least a half dozen campaigns facing incumbents on the School Committee.

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Candidates for School Superintendent to Be Lined up by end of August

By Josh Resnek

A meeting of the fifteen member School Superintendent Search Committee attracted fourteen members Monday evening at the high school.

In what most members regarded as an informational, the meeting had the city’s paid search team answering questions and filling in gaps about process and probabilities.

Bottom line, by the end of August the search should be in full motion with any number of candidates having answered advertisements and responding to the city’s pro forma.

The search committee maintains it does not know who exactly is going to apply or where the applicants will be from.

It also asserts it has no favorites and that no one of a high quality will be denied a full and fair hearing once the finalists have been sorted out.

The process is marked mainly by the application process and the weeding out of the applicants who fill them out and send them in for judgment.

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School Superintendent Search Committee Reported to be Possibly Eyeing Charlie Obremski

By Josh Resnek

The Leader Herald has been told by several high ranking city officials that Assistant Superintendent Charlie Obremski is now actively being pursued as a possible candidate to replace acting superintendent Janet Gauthier.

Officials close with the search committee have indicated there has been a “change of the wind” regarding the advocacy for an outsider to step in to take over full reigns of the school department.

At the beginning of the process some months ago school committee officials were adamant that it was an outsider that they would be seeking. In fact, school committee Chairman Attorney Thomas Abruzzesse said that he didn’t care if it were a world-wide search and that new leadership needed to be brought to Everett.

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