From week to week, meeting to meeting with rarely a dull moment

By Josh Resnek

Last week, the big news about Everett was the lawsuit filed by embattled Superintendent of School Priya Tahiliani in federal court against the mayor, several school committee members and the city itself.

The claims: racism, sexism and discrimination with a dash of retaliation claims as well.

Her lawsuit alleges the mayor and others want her gone – and not because of incompetence, but rather, because of racism.

As a woman of color, she is fighting back after the city refused to discuss renewing her contract which runs out in 2024.

At a city council committee meeting last week, the chief and only matter up for discussion keyed in on the federal probe against the city into racism now ongoing by the US Attorney’s office and the Justice Department.

Witnesses will shortly be interviewed by the government, it was learned. Those witnesses will be present and former members of the government and city officials.

The city was seeking another $250,000 for funding to pay for legal fees being accrued as a result of the federal probe. By all appearances, those fees stood at $500,000 already paid and another bill for $98,000 due, and as much as $50,000 a month in new legal fees to likely be generated until June.

In other words, by June, the money paid for legal fees for the federal probe will total $250,000.

Paying the $98,000 bill was put off by the city council until a two week period passes.

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FFF found guilty of indecent assault; imprisoned same day

By Josh Resnek

During the early afternoon last Thursday a Middlesex County District Court jury finished up its deliberations about the innocence or the guilt of former Everett School Superintendent Frederick F. Foresteire after a three day trial.

The jury informed the court clerk it had reached a decision. Moments later, the jury filed into the packed courtroom in Malden District Court.

Everyone rose with eyes riveted on the jurors as they tried to predict what the decision would be from the expressions worn on their faces.

The unnerving nature of a legal decision about to be revealed nearly always quiets a crowded court room.

“Do you have a verdict?” Judge Emily Karstetter asked the jury foreman.

“Yes we do, your honor.” The verdict was read. “Guilty of indecent assault and battery,” informed the jury foreman.

Foresteire standing next to his attorney never flinched.

A crescendo of hushed oohs and ahhs broke out among the gallery observers in the courtroom.

A moment of collective catharsis engulfed observers inside the court room following the reading of the decision.

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Mayor abstains from commenting about Tahiliani’s

Leader Herald Staff

Mayor Carlo DeMaria abstained, rather than to vote yea or nay regarding Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani’s evaluation Monday night.

This was the first time the mayor abstained from voting about a motion or issue concerning the superintendent.

Tahiliani took the mayor to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination with a racism, sexism, discrimination and retaliation action.

She later withdrew it.

Tahiliani is apparently preparing to file a lawsuit against the mayor in Superior Court.

Superintendent of Schools Pleads With Council About Space Needs for 2022-23

By Josh Resnek

School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani said a new high school will take 5-7 years during a presentation that was an eye opener for the city council Monday night.

‘We need more space, as much space as we can get for next year – and whatever space it is, it will need an expenditure of money to prepare for school use,” she said.

She said the new high school is not yet a guarantee for approval and funding.

Her appearance at the city council dove tailed an appearance before the school committee last week where she detailed the space difficulties the schools are facing.

Assistant Superintendent Charlie Obremski indicated that the former Everett High School is the most likely spot for more space to be developed in a short amount of time.

As many as 13-20 classrooms might be made available at the former high school.

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