The new Superintendent

We have been told by those who claim to know that the new school superintendent choice, whomever it will be when chosen within the next several months, will not be someone presently serving as a school superintendent.

In other words, the choice is likely to be an assistant superintendent or a principal certified to be a superintendent.

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Bits and Pieces

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By Josh Resnek

To my knowledge, there are no Kurds living in Everett.

Kurds as nearly everyone must know by now, were just deserted by the United States over in Syria where the liberal press would have you believe the world is coming to an end because we deserted them.

Fact of the matter is that every president since Franklin Roosevelt has deserted the Kurds or used them or deserted them after using them.

It is the Turks the world always supports.

It is the Turks, who slaughtered the Armenians, millions of them, who the world cowers in front of, always.

The Turks don’t like the Kurds because the Kurds live in an autonomous region just to the South of the Turkish border.

The Turks claim the Kurds are terrorists.

The Kurds claim the Turks want to do a good old fashioned Turkish genocide on them.

They are probably right about this.

The world, not just the United States, has deserted the Kurds, again and again.

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Charter Schools are Bad?

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By Josh Resnek

The reason such a project is worthy is due to the fact that there is such a great need for veterans and elderly housing for lifelong Everett residents being pushed out of the city by rising rents and unaffordable housing costs for older men and women and veterans on fixed incomes.

The mayor last week said: “We have a lot of charter schools who may try to buy it (the Pope John property) and to expand. Charter schools are good for education but they hurt cities and towns.”


This was the mayor being interviewed in another publication. Claiming charter schools are good for education but hurting cities and towns is all about opposites colliding.
It is like claiming rainy days are good for a tan and that sunny days won’t darken really light skin if you stay out in the sun.

Charter schools here in Everett have raised the bar for reading scores, and in a big way. Charter schools challenge the limited abilities of our public schools in a way they cannot compete.

Last week, the Pioneer Charter School announced its school of science, which serves Everett students grades K-12, beat the state averages on 2019 assessment tests.

They outperformed state averages in English and math on the 2019 MCAS tests!

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Local Administrators Need Not Apply for Superintendent’s Position

By Josh Resnek

Although the superintendent search committee has been sworn to secrecy about its selection process, bits and pieces of information about the process have made their way out of the committee room about where the search is leading.

Little is known about exactly how many applicants have applied and where they are from.

However, this much has come into the public domain through the comments of a number of people familiar with the search, all of whom wished to remain unnamed.

Local administrators need not apply is one of the net results of decisions made last Wednesday by the search committee according to those who claim to know.

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Application Process for Superintendent Search Closes; Next Comes Selection

By Josh Resnek

Late Friday afternoon marked the end of the open period when those considering Everett’s public school superintendent’s position were able to submit their applications to the search committee.

The search committee, comprised of 15 men and women, all with deep connections to public school education, the administration and the school department and committee, has not yet released a list of those who have applied.

That list is expected to be revealed in the coming week or two and will be shared with all the stakeholders in the education community here before being whittled down to three finalists.

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