EPS superintendent, chairman stand up to City Hall meddling


There was an extraordinary exchange at the School Committee meeting Monday night between the Chair of the SC Thomas Abruzzese, Superintendent Priya Tahiliani, and the mayor.

The mayor was attempting to do his two-step dance which has people repeating themselves a second and third time after already explaining themselves about the money he removed from the schools and is now making the schools beg for as though he might not return it.

The mayor’s effort was entirely to put off returning the funding to the schools as required.

“This is taxpayer money. We must be very careful about itemizing what is being spent,” he said to Tahiliani.

“We already itemized what we are spending. We have talked about this for months,” she replied, exasperated at the bumbling, unprofessional conduct of the mayor.

When does this posturing end, she seemed to ask the mayor?

The mayor pleaded for the city’s CFO Eric Demas to be allowed to explain the matter.

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Extreme caution: school opening off indefinitely

With city still in the Red Zone no in-person teaching allowed as Coronavirus surges


Due to the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases in the city and throughout the state, Everett’s public schools will not be reopening with a hybrid program mixing in-person teaching with remote instruction.

“The incidence of COVID rates rising dangerously is not conducive to reopening schools to in-person instruction,” Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani told the School Committee.

The EPS had been set for a reopening of the schools for a mix of in-person instruction and remote instruction on November 16.

“All the signs point to a steady rise in the number of cases and particularly over the past month,” she added.

“We are squarely in the Red Zone and state recommendations do not allow for in person teaching. We will follow those recommendations closely,” she said.

Red Zone cities are among the most dangerous for the spread of the virus. October’s stats are now at the level of May’s. November’s stats are expected to be a disaster.

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Remote school attendance lower than hoped

Results much stronger in K-8


As widely expected by school administrators, remote school attendance numbers are sufficient but not nearly as good as they can be.

The city’s school learning centers also scored lower attendance rates than were hoped for since school began.

Everett High School Attendance numbers were somewhat softer than hoped for while K-8 appeared to be pretty strong.

This information was mad public at Monday evening’s School Committee meeting by Superintendent Priya Tahiliani at a time when public school systems all over the nation are experiencing the same conflicts and difficulties with remote instruction.

In New York City, the mayor there announced the closure of dozens of public schools this week that had reopened because of a rise in the virus numbers.

In Massachusetts, the state is on high alert in lower income “red” cities like Everett, where social distancing is made almost impossible in such crowded circumstances.

Everett is one of the most densely populated cities in Massachusetts.

At Monday night’s School Committee meeting, which was held online, School Superintendent Tahiliani spoke honestly, openly and without hesitation about the problems the Everett School System is facing.

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