Teachers’ Union endorses the mayor

We respect teachers. We respect the administration of the school system. We respect especially the free flow of ideas, and we even respect the recent vote of the local schoolteachers union endorsing the mayor’s re-election.

While we respect this decision, we absolutely disagree with it.

Also, we suspect the rank and file didn’t have much to do with this endorsement.

Rather, it was likely something conceived by the leadership and sold as the right thing to do to gain the mayor’s acquiescence to an upcoming contract.

At its worst, the union’s endorsement of the mayor is the endorsement of a fraud.

The mayor does not care about public school education any more than he cares about integrity and intuitive intelligence.

This is a mayor who has proudly said he never passed a library he didn’t want to step into.

He doesn’t read books. He knows nothing about the English language. He understands precious little about what it takes to teach, to lead educators, to maneuver the state education hierarchy, and to provide for more than 7,000 Everett Public School students.

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