The Patriots and Tom Brady

As one year ends and another begins, we have to live with the detritus following Tom Brady’s departure and the failure of the Patriots to recover from that.

Brady has gone on to new heights with the Buccaneers. They are heading into the playoffs. They have gone to the sky with Brady at the helm of the offense.

How could it have been any other way when you think about it?

We wish the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) a Super Bowl victory!

How sweet that would be…for the Buccaneers and for those of us who miss Brady?

As for the Patriots…the season has been like a death march.

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Tom Brady as a metaphor for loss

There have been many twists and turns that will haunt us for many years to come which began several months back.

The Coronavirus shutting down our economy and wreaking havoc on our health care system and leaving the nation with more than 35 million unemployed is one thing.

Tom Brady, the New England Patriot’s greatest living legend, the Goat, the greatest quarterback of all-time in the National Football League leaving us at the same time, is another thing entirely.

Is the epidemic and its bad energy consistent with the loss we are all mostly feeling about Brady leaving us for another franchise?

Yes it is in more ways than we might give credit for it.

Knowing Brady was taking the field every Sunday for the past twenty years gave the kind of satisfying, comforting reassurance to New Englanders that most sports fans across the nation have never known.

Now that’s irretrievably gone forever.

It seems likely even the National Football League season is gone – a cruel twist for Brady, as he was hoping to play during his 43rd year.

The virus has altered economic history for now. It has rewritten this season and probably next season in ways we cannot know.

The economic system and our ability to survive this epidemic caused downturn are reminders of how things don’t remain the same forever. They change.

Could Brady’s departure be the reason for the epidemic?

Could God be telling us that Brady shouldn’t have gone to Tampa by having this virus visit us?

Preposterous, you say?

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Tom Brady leaving; Say its not true

At a moment in history when a virus looks to disassemble our society, now we must endure a terrible moment in our life and times as New England sports fans, with news that Tom Brady is leaving the Patriots.

Brady leaving us, leaving the Patriots, leaving our Sunday football matinees as New England Patriot fans is all about an extraordinary moment in our sports lives.

It is a solemn moment. It is a moment with terrorizing qualities.

Above all, it marks a dramatic circumstance at a time when everything about the New England Patriots is about to change.

It is incomprehensible for many of us who have spent the past two decades watching Brady and the patriots go to the Super Bowl nine times and win six times, to now realize the party is over.

The king is leaving.

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Patriot Problems

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 6.19.13 PM.png
The New England Patriots are off to a 1-2 start. Is the dynasty coming to an end?

By Lorenzo Recupero

Public service announcement for all local football fans: What you saw from the New England Patriots this past weekend was NOT a mirage.

This team looks bad. Really bad.

In the, 26-10, loss to the Detroit Lions, the Patriots (1-2) defense couldn’t find the sideline any faster than team owner Josh Kraft moves across it at pregame warmups, and the offense looked like my 8 year-old son was mic’d up calling the plays.

And to think, our savior (Josh Gordon) is a chronic drug abuser that hasn’t had a truly productive or meaningful season as a player since his breakout performances five seasons ago makes this crisis all the more real — and scary.

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