The parking Conundrum

The Zoning Board of Appeals is again torturing itself by wanting to require many dozens of new parking spaces to be provided for in newly planned for developments.

The tendency for the ZBA is to require the spaces, or the development cannot come to exist.

The ZBA is always posturing for all the right reasons – that is – every person who needs to park his car on the street they live on in this city ought to have a space to do so.

But of course, such a scenario is absolutely impossible.

That would be like bringing back yesterday, before the city was inundated and overrun by housing of every kind on crowded streets and the expansion of automobile ownership to include almost every Everett family.

Bringing back yesterday cannot be achieved.

Voting against outstanding, legitimate, multi-million residential developments because there are not enough parking spaces to justify them is a policy doomed to failure.

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The Great Traffic Bust

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 8.07.38 PM
An Encore ferry makes its way through the Mystic river. (Photo by Jacob Resnek)

The opening of the Encore Casino and Hotel in our city has not led to the traffic Armageddon predicted by so many of our public officials, and even by the local media.

We were all mistaken, not so much by Encore’s inability to create a permanent traffic jam with its business running like a juggernaut but rather with its business running like a juggernaut without creating a traffic jam!

Let us be clear.

The place is booming, relatively in almost every way.

These folks know how to run a world class operation.

They weren’t about to be buried by traffic here endangering their enterprise.

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Traffic nightmare

The feared and anticipated traffic nightmare did not appear as so many expected.

As Police Chief Steve Mazzie predicted accurately some weeks back, there was great confidence in the traffic mitigation efforts thathave been taken.

Opening day crowded the roads but life did not come to a stop.

Everett survived the first great onslaught of new visitors to our citywithout much of a major hitch.

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Can parking be controlled; or will it be uncontrollable?

by Josh Resnek

The casino opening June 23 is bearing down on us, coming inevitably closer with the mass and weight of a speeding freight train.

Encore executives John Tocco and Encore’s traffic guru, Jim Folk, appeared before the city council last week to a great deal of fanfare.

The city council had been awaiting for a long time this presentation.

It was intended to explain the over under of traffic and parking when the casino opens its doors. It did just that. 

It bears repeating again and again in articles devoted to casino traffic and its possible effect here on the quality of life, that the casino depends on traffic and crowds for its economic vitality and viability.

Without traffic the casino fails its mission.

“I am telling you there is going to be traffic and we know that,” said Encore’s Folk.

His take on the matter was simple: it’s the opening of one of the largest entertainment and hotel venues on the East Coast. It is going to bring traffic to a halt, especially at the beginning.

He cautioned the councilors not to fear the traffic but to live with it at the start, and then to watch how the difficulties are handled.

“What we can do is mitigate it with our plan. If we see traffic hot spots we can adjust accordingly,” Folk said.

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— Eye on Everett —

A Raise?

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM

By Josh Resnek

Driving down Chelsea Street into Everett Square Tuesday morning the traffic was backed up almost to Vine Street.

The red traffic light in Everett Square where Chelsea Street meets Broadway is out of sync. That out of sync red light causes all the traffic. Someone needs to fix the that light.

One of the advantages of inching along in the traffic on Chelsea Street approaching the Square in the early morning is taking a closer look at things.

Tuesday morning the sun was out. The sky was clear. The air was cooler than Monday – which was warm. Monday’s heat, in fact, was a reminder to all of us that summer is just around the corner following the spring that never happened.

Near to Everett Square I noticed two large trucks from the Everett Water Department parked in the right lane. Hoses were everywhere. About a half dozen Water Department employees wearing their bright orange shirts hustled about doing their thing.

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