Study to set stage for possible gondola along length of Broadway

By Josh Resnek

Everett officials have asked the state’s gambling commission for $200,000 to study the viability of a gondola system apparently being planned between Assembly Square and the Encore casino and hotel.

The city is hoping to piggyback on a proposal for the gondola system being touted between Assembly Square and the casino.

Everett is asking for the $200,000 to study the proposal and to add a link of the gondola project to run up Broadway all the way to city hall.

Such a gondola system, already the subject of a $200,000 study being paid for by Encore, would be a mighty revolution in local commuter travel.

It might well replace or be added to Encore’s desire to build some kind of link from the Encore facility to Assembly Square and then to Sullivan Station.

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Everett on line for new Commuter rail Station

By Josh Resnek

The State Department of Transportation has set aside $10 million of a $18 billion transportation bill for architectural, engineering and design work for an anticipated Everett commuter rail station to be located in the area of the Batch Yard on Broadway near to the Encore Casino and Hotel, according to Transportation Department officials.

The need for a commuter rail station in this city cannot be overemphasized. Local officials are delighted Everett will finally be hooked up to Boston’s sprawling railway transportation system.

“This is great news,” said councilor at-large elect Gerly Adrien.

“Great news, indeed,” echoed Councilor at-Large Wayne Matewsky. “This is a long time coming,” he added.

The commuter rail hook up here allows for further intense residential housing development in the area, reduces to a certain extent automobile congestion and traffic, and allows local residents to move about on public transportation with freedom and timeliness.

“No more taking buses to Boston for me,” said Everett Square resident Richie Gallo.

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The Great Traffic Bust

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 8.07.38 PM
An Encore ferry makes its way through the Mystic river. (Photo by Jacob Resnek)

The opening of the Encore Casino and Hotel in our city has not led to the traffic Armageddon predicted by so many of our public officials, and even by the local media.

We were all mistaken, not so much by Encore’s inability to create a permanent traffic jam with its business running like a juggernaut but rather with its business running like a juggernaut without creating a traffic jam!

Let us be clear.

The place is booming, relatively in almost every way.

These folks know how to run a world class operation.

They weren’t about to be buried by traffic here endangering their enterprise.

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Encore Boston Harbor Opening Day Visitors Heed “Why Drive?” Message, Choose Transit

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 5.04.25 PM.png
The water taxi delivers guest to the casino.
(Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

New Encore transportation services made hundreds of trips throughout first day of resort operations

Visitors to Encore Boston Harbor’s grand opening day arrived via public and shared transportation in significant numbers, the Five-Star resort announced this afternoon. Guests from GreaterBoston, Eastern Massachusetts, and out of state took advantage of the MBTA, shuttles, ferries, ride share,and bike share to enjoy the resort while minimizing impacts on the surrounding community.

“This morning demonstrated that guests will leave their cars at home if they have access to modern and convenient choices,” said Robert DeSalvio, president of Encore Boston Harbor. “In the days ahead, we will continue to monitor traffic closely, but today we want to thank our visitors who embraced alternatives. Dozens of federal, state, and local agencies collaborated with us on plans, and the early results show greatpromise for the long term.”

Encore Boston Harbor has introduced new, high-quality services connecting the resort to both offsite parking locations as well as the MBTA system. These services extend throughout the region and run day and night. Resort guests on the first day arrived via public and shared transportation services, including the suite of new services developed by Encore Boston Harbor. Encore Shuttles from Wellington and Malden Center MBTA stations; Premium Harbor Shuttles from Long Wharf and World Trade Center; and Premium Motor Coaches from Rockland, Millbury, and Londonderry made hundreds of trips throughout the day.

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What about traffic and Everything else?


By Steven Pinto
Leader Herald Contributor

First let me start off by saying I voted in favor of the casino. I did so based on what our politicians were saying. Lower taxes, jobs, cleaning up of toxic land and a financial wind fall to the city of Everett.

It appears at this point that residents will never see a lower tax rate. Were residents mis-lead? I would have to say yes.

Is it going to be a windfall for Everett? That remains to be seen. If the casino payments to Everett are not budgeted correctly, nothing will change.

Will the mayor begin to pad the budget with lavish pay raises? Will additional friends and family be hired on the city payroll? Will the council allow a powerful mayor do as he sees fit with the casino payments?

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