Transportation Nightmare and Chaos As Orange Line Prepares to Close

By Josh Resnek

Streetcar platforms next to the inbound platform (not visible, at left) at Everett in 1931.

Public transportation in Boston is undergoing an earthquake with the coming closure of the Orange Line, with problems and closure of the Green Line, and with the future of public transportation in this area a giant question mark.

Recent collisions and derailments, an inability to keep equipment in safe and running shape, an aging infrastructure and equipment that is 30 years old for the most part, has led to an all
around questioning of Boston’s subway system and its corollaries that run to stations outside of the city.

All of this calls into serious question the transportation needs of Everett being met by an incompetent T.

Talk of a possible soccer stadium across from the casino and the development of that 50 acre site as well as the need for added rapid transit if the 95 acre former Exxon site is developed, are put in jeopardy by the T’s rocky road it is now experiencing.

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Fill Up Is No Joke; Or That Is To Say, The Joke Is On Us at $5.00+ Per Gallon

By Josh Resnek

At nearly all the gas stations in Everett, the price for a gallon of gasoline is at $5.00 or more or only slightly under that.

Talk about sticker shock!

The rising price for gasoline is the most harsh example of the inflation we are dealing with.

The straight up price rise represents the inability of the economy and of the national government to dictate the price for gasoline.

Setting the price for gasoline is the world economic marketplace.

In one way, this is a testament to the power and the purity of capitalism.

In another, it is about capitalism’s sick obsession with speculation and profits that gasoline can be climbing higher and higher in price when there is no shortage of gasoline.

That is what makes the out of control price gouging a national embarrassment.

At the beginning of this week, a barrel of oil selling in the international marketplace at almost $120 a barrel.

This represents a remarkable rise from 2021’s $70 a barrel and 2020’s, $40 a barrel.

Translation – we are going to be paying more and more for gasoline, heating oil and diesel fuel.

How high it will go is a matter of how bad the speculation becomes.

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Malden Transportation Drops Gasoline Surcharge Request

By Josh Resnek

An effort by Michael McLaughlin to allow Malden Transportation to speak before the School Committee about receiving a 4.5% fuel premium added to the price of their contract was rejected by the School Committee wholeheartedly by a 7-2 vote.

McLaughlin said he felt he was caught in a political crossfire – and he was right in that assessment.

During the public speaking session at the start of the meeting, John Puopolo delivered resounding remarks condemning McLaughlin’s efforts to do a favor for the mayor’s friends who own the bus company.

“The attempt here to adjust the contract by 4.5% is outrageous and an insult to Everett’s taxpayers,” Puopolo said.

“When you take into consideration that this is a “significant” donor to the Mayor this increase does not pass the red face test no matter how anyone in this room tries to spin it,” he added.

Puopolo’ swords resonated with the School Committee.

What a difference a few days makes.

The announcement Friday that the city and the mayor are being investigated by the US Attorney’s office in a wide ranging probe affected the outcome of McLaughlin’s effort to allow a favored vendor and major contributor to the mayor’s political campaigns to bargain for an additional payment.

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Partial Payment of Driver’s Fines Being Driven by Rep. McGonagle

An Antidote to Suspension, Revocation

By Josh Resnek

Have you ever racked up fines that got so high your driver’s license was suspended and you weren’t allowed to drive and your life virtually came apart as a result?

If Everett Rep. Joe McGonagle has his way, a bill he has co-sponsored with Senator Sal DiDomenico on the senate side of the aisle, will allow for partial payment of fines instead of relying only on suspension and revocation.

The matter was taken up last week at a Joint Committee on Transportation.

McGonagle appeared before the committee.

Rep. McGonagle said he spoke from personal experience, having former employees who faced continuous roadblocks of not having their licenses due to their owed fees. He says the breaking point came a few years ago when a constituent approached him about his issue and reached out to DA Marian Ryan to see what could be done.

DA Ryan also spoke before the committee.

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City a popular place to live

APRIL 23: Everett, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Affordable housing, friendly neighbors, mass transit cited by Boston Globe along with Lynn as up and coming communities to call home


Everett was highlighted as one of the most popular cities close to Boston to move to in a Boston Sunday Globe magazine piece on the red-hot real estate marketplace which finds properties for sale very tight in and around Boston.

Lynn was listed as one of the favored communities as well.

Both Everett and Lynn received kudos as comfortable and friendly places to live and to work.

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