Leader news photographer covered the DC insurrection

On assignment for the wire services when “Stop the Steal” rally turned violent, rioters stormed U.S. Capitol

Editor’s Note: Joe Prezioso is a valued colleague and a great photographer from Revere. The Leader Herald has relied on Joe for years to provide great photographs of Everett news and events. His view of what happened at the Capitol are stirring. We are grateful for his efforts there. Read this first-person report…and you are there.


I was on assignment for AFP, Agence France-Presse, and doing a story on a number of supporters of President Donald Trump that were going to D.C to take part in the stop the steal rally.

This was not like covering events in Everett – which I have done for 15 years.

Six buses were being organized by Super Happy Fun America and leaving from various towns and cities around Boston. I spent the next nine hours on a bus with the group leaders in what turned out to be a very loud and crazy ride. Many members were very boisterous. There was no time to sleep. I also had to make images of this trip.

The bus stopped at many rest stops along the way for people to get out and stretch or use a restroom. At the last rest stop before entering D.C, the leader of the Vietnamese Trump group got up on a pedestal and gave a demo about signs she had brought for everyone and how to wear them. She even had some PVC poles that she jokingly said could be used to protect yourself if you got attacked by Antifa.

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The Capitol takeover

The Capital Building.

No President of the United States can urge a rabid crowd of right-wing lunatics to attack the Capital, have five people die during the attack and the Capitol trashed, and get away with it.

This editorial is not about picking on President Trump or dismissing conservative thought and process.

This editorial is talking out loud about doing what is right to keep our democracy whole.

The storming of the Capitol and its takeover, instigated by the president and several thousand right-wing haters and society wreckers, requires that the president be brought to pay for what he did.

None of us should ever forget – the haters attacking the Capitol were, almost to a person, Black haters, Jew-haters, Hispanic haters, in general, haters of everyone but those who think their way.

Not all the protesters were haters – just the violent protesters were enough to bring the government to a standstill at the exact moment the congress was voting on the official certification of the president’s election.

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