The economic reopening

The “new normal” is the main feature of the city’s economic reopening.

As long as the Coronavirus remains lurking among us and infecting thousands of us, and killing thousands, the economy cannot be expected to work as it used to do.

Most major economists agree – a solid economy cannot stand side by side a pandemic running wildly in this nation and around the world.

These new restrictions on crowds and added health and sanitary requirements, augmented with social distancing elements that are evident everywhere, makes doing business a great deal more difficult than ever before.

In no business – place can a crowd now appear.

Large assemblies of every kind are no longer allowed but with excruciating health and sanitary requirements.

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Oil prices crash 40 percent in one day

Consumers will benefit


The near to complete collapse of the price for a barrel of West Texas crude oil Monday will ultimately lead to the lowest cost per gallon heating oil for Everett consumers since the early 1980’s.

Also, the price for gasoline is going to plummet after already dropping dramatically during the past four weeks.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 5.13.12 PM.png
Broadway Gas & Service signage with $1.99 regular gas for sale. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

If nothing else, the shut- down of the American economy because of the coronavirus pandemic has cut demand so deeply for oil and gasoline, is something to marvel at.

Home heating oil is expected to cost Everett consumers about $1 a gallon when all is said and done in the weeks to come.

Gasoline per gallon is going to fall below $1 a gallon in the next few weeks.

Both heating oil and gasoline are expected to drop even lower through June, as industry experts say demand will continue falling with nowhere to put the world’s excess production of oil.

If you are a homeowner still heating with oil, a 200 gallon tank will cost about $200 very shortly – of course – the heating season will be over and the price will dip even lower because demand falls during the warmer months.

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