Remembering 9/11

This week marks the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist bombing of America.

It is right and it is just and it is fitting to recall this anniversary.

Everett suffered a double loss that day with the deaths of James and Mary Trentini, residents here for many years who died on the first airliner to smash into the Twin Towers.

The 9/11 tragedy is the first time in modern American history when our nation was directly attacked, when thousands of innocents perished at the hands of maniacal terrorists determined to bring our society down.

They brought down the Twin Towers in New York City.

They exploded a part of the Pentagon.

They were thwarted by Americans who fought back until a jetliner crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

The toll of firefighters and police dead in New York City as a result of the Twin Towers coming down as first responders heroically gave up their lives to save others trapped inside those doomed buildings is one of the most unforgettable instances of selfless sacrifice that our generation has experienced.

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Four indictments plaguing Trump’s effort to return to the presidency

By Josh Resnek

Former President Donald Trump is facing four indictments as he campaigns to return to the White House.

If you are a Trump supporter, these indictments don’t mean very much at all, and what’s more, you tend to agree with the former president that they are all about a “witch hunt.”

Photo courtesy of NPR

If you don’t care for Trump, you are certain he is guilty as charged and you are hoping he will go to jail or that his effort to return to the White House will be unsuccessful.

What’s going to happen?

That’s anyone’s guess at this early time in the election process as well as trial stages.

The specter of of a former American president going to jail is incomprehensible.

A former president guilty of a crime is not.

With the nations electorate fairly and largely split, it is difficult to believe he will ever spend a day in jail.

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The national debt squabble doesn’t matter until the reality hits home

By Josh Resnek

Many of us listen to the news about the national debt. The Republicans want to attach spending cuts to any bill that is offered by the Democrats, who’ve sworn not to negotiate the national debt.

The debt ceiling must be raised or the United States will default on its fiscal obligations.

Closer to home, this means instead of paying important bills that allow the lights to be on and for the heat to work, we say no and the lights get shut off and the heat doesn’t work because the gas has also been shut. Fooling around with the national debt is even worse, because Social Security payments could be postponed if the debt ceiling is not adjusted.

Can you imagine what life would be like for something like 70 million Americans if Social Security payments were late or suspended altogether!

Can you imagine the horror of not receiving your Social Security check and not being able to pay the rent or buy food or go to the doctor?

That would be a catastrophe.

Our politicians talk about it as though it would be a lesson in fiscal sanity.

It is just the opposite.

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The debt ceiling impasse

Democrats and Republicans are now debating whether or not to allow the national debt to be raised in order for the United States of America to pay its bills.

The Democrats want to raise the debt and to save all the president’s national programs.

The Republicans want to put a damper on spending money the national treasury does not have.

Right now, we are apparently heading toward a June 1 deadline when the treasury runs out of money, and the USA stops paying its bills.

Can such a thing happen? Yes it can.

What does it mean if it happens?

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, military pay, government employee pay and all government programs that require infusions of cash on a schedule will be halted or temporarily derailed. Many economists claim if the debt is not raised, the result would be catastrophic.

Millions of people not receiving their social security would be certain to cause a revolution of anger to pour onto the streets of America.

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Everyone should be fired

Our colossal failure in Afghanistan makes us laughing stocks to the world.

The world’s greatest power defeated by gun-toting, woman-hating, sandal-wearing violent Islamic ignoramus’ is a pathetic happening for us as a nation.

We should be ashamed we spent so much time there – and for what?

To create a western-style democracy out of a medieval cesspool in a place where the Taliban cut off hands and arms, feet, and heads to remind everyone just who is in charge.

The real crime is that we were led down this path by “experts.”

Our generals were crap. Our national security and intelligence experts were crap. Everything we did was crap, and we should have known this before spending $1 trillion in that primitive state.

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