MobileVax returns June 4

The Everett Public Schools held a Covid-19 mobile vaccine clinic at Everett High School on Friday, May 21.

Ward 5 School Committee member Marcony Almeida-Barros helped to bring the MobileVax clinic, a collaborative effort of Tufts Health Plan, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center to the school.

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Vaccinations, Covid-19 ticking up

City still gripped by stubborn virus


Everett’s Health Department reported 120 new cases of COVID-19 during the past seven days.

This indicates that the virus continues to have a stronghold here, and in many Massachusetts cities and towns despite everyone’s best effort.

Nationwide more than half the United States population has been vaccinated.

Many millions have said they will not get vaccinated, a disconcerting situation since the virus cannot be eliminated until all Americans have been vaccinated.

From April 14 to the present, Massachusetts has been reporting between 2200-1400 new cases of the virus every day.

Those people who have received two vaccination shots are allowed to visit with those who haven’t been vaccinated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health insists that masks must be worn, and social distancing must be followed.

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Older gamblers heading back to Encore Casino

Vaccines cited in part to up tick


In Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Sun and Review reported this week that older gamblers have started to return to the Wynn properties there in far greater numbers.

The return of older gamblers, one of the pillars of everyday business that is done at casinos wherever they exist, is a key component of the rising revenue figures recently reported here and in Las Vegas.

Last month, revenues rose by almost $7 million at Encore Boston Harbor in Everett.

Activity at the casino according to several employees the Leader Herald has spoken with is markedly improved.

This is because of two reasons – vaccinations against the COVID shielding the elderly from sickness, and expanded hours of gambling allowed by the state as restrictions are being removed in tandem with infections and hospitalizations going down.

“Traffic inside Las Vegas casinos is picking up again, but it’s not all driven by young travelers with pent-up demand,” it was noted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Casino operators say customers 65 and over have started to return, spurred by the growing availability of COVID-19 vaccines across the country.

“As more of the older end of the customer spectrum receives vaccines and becomes more comfortable with leaving their houses … that for sure means they’ll start to step out and go back to their favorite casinos again,” said gaming consultant Josh Swissman of The Strategy Organization, as reported in the Review-Journal.

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COVID-19 numbers rise, ‘impending doom’ warned

A vial of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at a local clinic. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


The CDC is warning of “impending doom” if Americans think the virus is over.

Some states have relaxed all their restrictions and that policy is coming back to haunt them.

In Everett, more than 100 new cases were reported last week.

Social distancing and higher health standards augmented by continuing restrictions seem to be taming the monster virus.

Nationally and locally, vaccinations have soared. More than 1/3 of the American population has been vaccinated.

Many millions of people think the danger is over because the worst has passed.

Think again.

Airplane travel is up. It is almost back to half of what it was one year ago meaning about 1.5 million people took air flights daily here and there across the nation during the past week.

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EPS teachers received Covid-19 shots

Partnered with CHA to vaccinate 335 educators

With the support of Mayor DeMaria and his team, the Everett Public Schools (EPS) partnered with the Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) on a successful and far-reaching Covid Vaccine initiative that supported the district’s plan to offer in-person teaching and learning to students.

A total of 335 EPS teachers and staff members received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the CHA’s Vaccination Center in Somerville on March 11th and 12th. This, coupled with the state’s expanding efforts, means that Everett educators will be vaccinated by the time classes reopen in late March and early February.

“Clearly, the CHA has answered the call in a major way. I can’t thank Christian Lanphere and the entire team at CHA enough for the support they have provided us throughout the pandemic, from helping us formulate our initial safety guidance last summer to providing a crucial voice on our Covid-19 Task Force. It is fitting that the CHA is now serving a vital role in helping us bring our students back to school through this vaccination drive.” said Superintendent Priya Tahiliani.

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